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I will try and make a script (guess lua is adequate), which will change the costs in the game files for the following categories:

  •  Normal  track building costs
  • High speed track building costs
  • Catenary cost (i.e. electrifying your network)
  • Train bridges building costs
  • Train tunnel building costs
  • Road building costs
  • Road bridges building costs
  • Road Tunnel building costs
  • Steam locs running costs
  • Electric locs running costs
  • Waggons running costs
  • Bus running costs
  • Tram running costs
  • Truck running costs
  • Terrain raising/lowering costs

and whatever I am forgetting. Hopefully it will save me (and maybe others) some time, especially if it is easy to adapt when/if content will be added.

If anybody knows of somebody already doing this please stop me I will gladly spare myself the work of doing what is already done.