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Release – 1325

* NEW! Built in mod catalog.
Browse, download and register mods from directly from TFGM’s built in catalog feature.
This is a very basic and a raw version of it, but it will improve in the coming updates 😉
After a mod has been downloaded TFGM will try to register it. If this succeeds, the mod is moved from
the Download to Library folder. If it fails, the mod will remain in the Download folder.
Remember that not all files are “mods”, some are a tools, texture packs etc… these you have to handle manually.
TFGM is capable of “unlimited” parallel downloads in the background, but on request from our Administrators at, TFGM will only download one mod at a time to not overload the server. In coming updates TFGM
will queue mods so more than one mod can be selected for download (but still downloaded one-by-one).

* Added more log messages
* Fix. TFGM freeze/not starting if some application was running in the background; such as Overwolf and Cortana.
* Fix. Tag edit button not showing correct images.
* Fix, Add new tag from the mod detail view not working.

Please add comments and vote for new features on Trello.

Localized tags can be downloaded from

If you have translated something, please share it with me 🙂