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  1. I cant wait too 🙂
    I hope it comes with Feight Transport and other Transportations like Trams, Bus, Trucks etc.

    The Game slooks very good!

  2. This game looks great! It’ll be great to play and it certainly looks like an updated version of Transport Tycoon.

    • I agree it could be the modern version of transport tycoon I have been yearning for, for over a decade.
      Can’t wait to try it out!!

  3. I find this very cool i can’t Waiting to Final Game.

    And i find the best does this game come from Switzerland 🙂

  4. Sieht echt gut aus! Von den diversen Trailern und Gameplayszenen bin ich beeindruckt. Ich kann es kaum erwarten, das Spiel zu spielen, sobald es fertig gestellt ist! Ich wünsche den Leuen viel Glück für das Projekt 🙂

    Grüsse aus Basel

  5. I think this will be a fantastic program on the Macintosh especially if it accommodates the Retina Display? Is an iOS version planned as well? Any estimated release date? Will it be available from the Mac APP store?

  6. I really hope there are elements of transporting different goods to certain destination like transport tycoon. Railway networks where not forged for the sole purpose of passenger transport, they where designed to get goods from A to B (whether it was steel/wood/ores/coal/livestock etc), transporting people was bonus earnings.

  7. Hi,

    This is stunning and gorgeous looking game ! I am so excited about this. Great job, Keep doing well, Karel

  8. Looks realy nice ! I hope that Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion gets updated in a way like this sometimes ! But there was one thing I missed in the trailer…I saw a CE6/8 Crocodile Locomotive but no catanary…Will these be included to improve the realism, and will there also be freight to haul and more real-life trains in the game ? If so, I will definitly purchase it when it’s released !

  9. I want to play this game! It should be the best continuation of Transport Tycoon!

  10. The game looks fantastic…
    Could you make the “plopping railroad crossing ” to be automatic like other games. I mean just lay the tracks on the road and let the game plop the crossing.
    And also the bridge, these tiny management will irritate sometimes..
    Don’t mind. just want this game to be the best in its genre.

  11. Game looks great and realistic. I hope, that there will be support for fan-made modes and vehicles. Detailed graphics is fantastic. Great work.

  12. I have been playing a Tycoon Railway game, and it has crossed my mind many times about the other modes of travel and how they enter act to each other. I would very much like to know when the game is released.

  13. This game looks VERY similar to Sid Meyers Railroads! …which was a GREAT title. its just too bad it never took off (not sure why)

  14. WoW…. I’ve been waiting and waiting for Chris Sawyer to come up with TT3 or something with today computer graphic ability… The game reminds of me Transport Tycoon, Traffic Giant and few other games of this type that i just forgot.
    But i have to hand it to this guyz… this looks amazing just wish i could get it before Christmas not 2Q of 2014.

  15. Question: can a route have a specific timetable, or is it a matter just of assigning more vehicles to increase frequency as traffic increases?

  16. looks great however the in game timer seems a bit wrong taking months to do one way on a loop … be a bit pointless in real life getting a train to work that takes months to get there … :/ maybe something to think about

  17. I like the game but problem is Cities in motion series is quite similar to this. How this game is different from Cities in motion?

    • You cannot set up Trains in Cities in Motion only Road for Buses and Trams, Sea and Air.

  18. I would like suggest to add aircrafts, ships and industries. This would be great.


  20. This game looks very promising. Loved everything shown so far! Keep up the good work, people!

  21. its good game which we look forward!a suggest for this game ,here need industry,goods.if have airplane,ship,the game will great!

  22. Would be awesome to have airports/aircraft involved! So far it looks like a fantastic game!

  23. Ich habe heute durch Zufall von Eurem Projekt erfahren und ich muss sagen die ersten Eindrücke begeistern mich. Hoffentlich wird das Spiel eine große Detailtiefe im Bereich der Eisenbahnkonstruktion bieten, sodass es mich genauso fesselt, wie es TTD/OTTD über viele Jahre getan haben. Ich werde mir das Spiel wohl kaufen…

  24. It looks really good. I like to build a stations with multiple platforms and connect cities or industry with multiple railways.
    I want to buy this sim/game, but it depends on its price. 🙂

  25. Super nach allem was i gseh ha mues das ja e mega geili sach geh. Bitte bitte unbedingt dranne bliibe und usebringe. Wenn der öpper zum teschte bruched unbedingt mälde. Würd gärn mit mache.

    Gruess usem Aargau

  26. Really nice work guys.
    Im gonna buy the game when it is released.
    Really hope there comes a Aiport DLC and a Boat Ferry DLC so you can really become
    a transport king.

  27. Nice work so far, i hope the game will be fully optimised to support lower-end rigs(could be a challenge for the team given all the simulated things the game has) . i hope that the first dlc’s will include metro , 2/3 types of goods cuz i’m not that into planes or boats .
    what i’m curious about is how the game is developed so far it’ll be nice to have another gameplay video like the first one to cover freight transport and the signalling system. Best luck in having a great succes at the final release !

  28. Over the years i have seen and played many a game and geting close up t the action thi is a cross between two sims,cities in Motion and Roller Coaster tycoon,so how do we compare Train Fever to another train sim and well a theme park as well.

    Firstly i think from what i have seen on the video’s,it looks very good,graphics,positioning and the way it does things,very simple gameplay and easily understandable Editor…Looking at the editor,it is similiar on both counts to Cities In Motion and Rollercoaster Tycoon,in the way you have to build things,this is probably a choice,you’ll find very hard to make especially if ya have any of the other game sims,not going to go into too much detail,see for yourself,watch the video’s,me on a rating par i would give this 9/10 and is definetly on my list and hopefully be picked for Beta as well….

  29. If British trains will feature then you definitely have a customer in me.

    • Also it would be good if the stations could be built freehand like the tracks. In the real world, stations come in all shapes and having curved platforms can save space in tight areas.

  30. I am hoping you will bring out the MAC version as a boxed version in English as I have two family and Friends I would buy it for. Why a boxed version? Because they have a very small Data Cap.

  31. hoffentlich lässt sich der Peter diesmal nicht wieder übern Tisch ziehen und das Spiel kommt endlich fertig auf den Markt; es wirkt ja jetzt schon optisch etwas besser als das Urspiel, naja, die Hardware ist ja auch um einiges weiter als damals

  32. I have just bought it today while the offer is on ….. i hope you guys won’t mind me streaming this lovely looking game. My watchers will love it.

  33. Like it, but don’t truly understand the final goal. Perhaps adding some elements of tradeoffs between cost and network efficiency would be interesting. Also I will push for more urban settings and travel time as metric to win the game :). Congrats guys, looks great!

  34. Ich würde das Spiel sofort kaufen, wenn die Zahlungsmöglichkeiten anders wären.

    Wie bei so vielen Anderen auch, kommt PayPal mir nicht ins Haus. Könnte man das völlig gefahrlos mit der Paysafecard (z.B.) machen, dann hätte ich es schon lange geordert. Oder wenn man es in einem Geschäft in Schaffhausen direkt kaufen könnte (kenne keines), dann würde mir persönlich das auch schon genügen.

  35. I have bought is a few weeks ago and I really enjoy the game. and I like the graphics. Go ahead with developing from vehicle (I know my English isn’t very good.)

  36. I wish you would import these bridges from the alpha trailer in the game because they look much better than the red bridge now.

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