Railroad crossings, stake cars, Intel HD Graphics fixes and more

Today, another game update has been released. The update brings new features, improvements and bug fixes.

The update adds realistic and animated railroad crossings. Cars and people now stop and wait at railroad crossings if trains are approaching. Beside a simple warning sign there is also an animated half barrier crossing available after 1925. Note that the style of a crossing can be changed also after construction (click on the crossing). Modders are invited to create more crossing styles.

train_fever_teamCars and people are waiting at a half barrier railroad crossing.

Also, three new stake train cars have been added. Wood now must be transported in these wagons and can no longer be transported in the closed goods wagons (except the wagons in existing save games). At the same time we have implemented a discrete train car load visualization system, which again offers new possibilities for modders.

train_fever_teamWood is now transported with stake cars.

There is also good news for everyone running Train Fever on an Intel HD 4200 / 4400 / 4600 graphics card. A problem in the current drivers of these cards caused the game to freeze and the graphics driver to restart. We have implemented a workaround for this problem and we are very confident that this problem is history now.

In addition to the Polish and Czech translation, the update brings many more small fixes and improvements. Please find the complete release note here.

Development is currently running at full steam and you can expect more updates and improvements in the next weeks. Thanks again for your interest in Train Fever and best wishes!

42 thoughts on “Railroad crossings, stake cars, Intel HD Graphics fixes and more

  1. Wow! This is the best! I really hope the people with Intel HD4xxx problems is solved. I really enjoy the game and you make it even more immersive! Thanks!

  2. no bugfix for the “stuttering” vehicles since the last patch which changes something with OpenGL 🙁

  3. Nice! I really hope that there can be an option to choose between European-style crossings, Asian-style crossings, and North American-style crossings.

  4. Hi, great game with a great progress from you!! Can you also add timetables? So if I have two or more trains on one line, sometimes one train catch up the one before him. So if there are timetables, than the train waits till its time to go (to keep time gap).

    Also loading and unloading should by improoved. It will be good, if the loading isn´t one by one into the whole train, but one by one into each cargo vagon and one by one ino each door in passenger vagon. Than commuter trains can be loaded fast, as in real.

    • On double wide tracks, you can keep trains spaced out by only placing signals as close as you want your trains to get to each other. I usually only place one signal halfway between two cities to ensure that by the time one train has left the station, the next closest one is only halfway there.

  5. Still no fix for performance issue? I’ve waited for long time but still virtually unplayable if there’s a lot of population

  6. We play TTD. But this game and the continous updates, are so great to see. The OpenTTD ppl does a fantastic job, but this is just crazy graphics and stuff.
    Though it prob still miss something, it is great to see so frequent updates. Definitely makes you look at it once in a while. Also great to read the history part, and that you are open about where you get some of the ideas from.
    I dunno if multiplayer has been implemented yet, but that will be a gamechanger when it does.

  7. add so rails can cross each other please
    the game really needs that
    its even more important then waypoint,stuff to upgrade graphics and so on

  8. Great updates again keep up the good work!

    When will we have a Steam workshop for mods?
    The German site didn’t help me much.

    Again thanks for the updates!

  9. The game is getting better and better keep doing updates with upcoming things ! Thanks for a more than one day playable game 🙂

  10. What about traffic lights ? finder for free track or a really switch control,
    failures, accidents, ?
    I’m really desappointed with this game because there is no gameplay.
    I can build tracks, buy vehicules and that’s all ? where is the management ?
    Where is the planet where people choose their transport only for time path reasons ? no ticket price of course because there is no price. Every thing in this game is automatic. It’s not a game or a simulation, it’s just virtual model train with no crossing, no switch control, traffic lights…

    Why citizens jump out the window during travel because it’s too long (one year ?)
    after building some lines everything become slow and boring because the only things we must do is replace véhicules and that’s it. It’s difficult to create a fonction to replace one vehicule by new one ? I don’t think so. But may be, there’s so little game actions that is better not to create automatic function.

    The economy in game is awful. I borrow the same amount of money with a company that has just one carriage and another company that own 50 trains. As for ticket sales price this is my company but I do not know how much I sell. In any case business works well as four round trips reimburses the train, it is good. When you establish in a factory, you do not know whether the plant will give you the goods. In Train Fever, if cities is too far it dosn’t works There is very stupid ! One more time, the game choose and linked plants with towns. It will become a management game when we can buy goods and deliver them anywhere, and that cities will choose to purchase or not based on economic criteria and not just faster path. And I’m cool because I’m not talking about opponents, aircraft, boats, missions …

    Ok so now cars and pedestrians do not cross the trains? that’s good. It’s going well.

  11. I no longer play the game but I get back here every now and then to check the updates. It’s good to see that you are still working on it. I’m pretty sure that sooner or later I’ll reinstall the game again.

  12. Great news! Thanks again for the updates. Can’t wait to get home and try if my saved game that always crash in the beginning of August 2029 would be playable now.

    • Did not get to play again before yesterday but it works again so really happy about that! 🙂

  13. Honestly I’ve had my frustrations with TrainFever, but I have restarted play this week (Thanksgiving Holiday here in the U.S.) and found things are getting better and better. I have to say the last few visits have been more enjoyable and the updates are great.

    Keep up the hard work guys. We all really do appreciate your efforts.

    P.S. I am using a HD 4200 and it works okay.

  14. I have not played for a while now simply because the auto update of vehichles is a must. Without it the game becomes to tedious and a click fest. This needs priority…

  15. I have paused playing since a couple of weeks now.
    I am desperatly waiting on the auto uptade feature for oudates vehicles.
    As Phil is stating its a tedious click fest.
    And yes, please prioritize it. 🙂
    Greetings from Hamburg!

  16. Hi guys, great job. Sid Meier must be kicking himself after this one… A couple of requests if I may.

    1. A map of the full scenario on one screen and/or a printable version detailing the contour lines, resources and if possible land usage. This would be invaluable when planning your strategy.

    2. Collision. It would be really helpful if the game indicated exactly which buildings need to be demolished to upgrade roads in cities.

    This game has really captivated me and I wish your team every success, you most certainly deserve it. Well done.

  17. Hallo beide!
    mich hat der Bericht im SF auf Euer Game gebracht. Und ich bin wirklich begeistert. Klar es hat noch ein paar Schwächen, aber wie ich ja sehe, arbeitet Ihr kontinuierlich daran. Sehr gut!

    Hier noch ein paar Anregungen zum Einbauen:
    – Lichtsignale für Strassenverkehr und Fussgänger
    – Einbahnstrassen (müsste eigentlich mit Signalen gut gehen)
    – Wetter (Regen, Schnee) was sich dann auch auf den Strassenverkehr auswirkt (Geschwindigkeit)
    – US Loks

    Gruss aus dem CH-Mittelland

  18. What about railroad tracks pairing for tunnels and bridges?
    This is a big lack you should really consider it.

    • Railroad track pairs for tunnels even bridges. You could make 4 track bridge if you want.

      • How do you do that? How i add 2nd rail track to a bridge or a tunnel?
        How do you build multiple railway?
        I never found such stuff.

  19. Hi devs,
    I am pleased that you keep 14 days update interval. It is very important to improve something on regular base. Good work.
    I am looking forward for promised automatic replacement old vehicles. its real pain.
    Second most important thing is trains loading and spacing. Those things are connected, should be solved together.

    Good luck,

  20. Danke vill mol ha genau sone intel charte und sisch immer iigfroore thx.

    Gruess us em aargau

  21. Once you get a few more things fixed, you should work on an expansion (if not already) or even DLC. Would love to give you guys more money in exchange for more of the game I love.

    X-Pack stuff Ideas
    More vehicle types, supply lines/resources, and other cool things

  22. the game could just be in germey
    only trains from Germey
    the modders is only from germey
    and for some weird reason just cus they are from germey they will only make stuff from germey
    the game still dont have rail crossing
    its one of the most importing things ever in games like this and yet it is not here
    the trains is mainly forcused on germey and almost nothing outside beside like 1-2 trains
    i mean TTD/other games with trains has trains from world wide + Players from around the world
    but here it seems only from germey
    im sorry to say this but this game is a fail
    cuz of importing stuff is needed
    and the game mainly have stuff from germey and the fan site is kinda also a fail since 1. its on germey 2. you guys should have done streamworkhop or a download/upload page for mods (not a forum for this)
    the reason for the game got so much download at first was ppl was thinking:
    OMG new TTD game since we have not had a good one in long time
    but TTD like games is like Sonic Games we get one but they are bad and feels super much unfinished

    • i have lost all hope to we ever getting a “good” TTD like game again
      this was the last chance kinda but now that transport tycoon is getting older and older
      it also become more forgotten
      this game feels basely like the Sonic the hedgehog 06/Hotel Mario for TTD like games

  23. a good idea for the next update could be that u choose wich platform´s the different routes should use or not, then i wound choose wich track the train should go by your self!!!
    let me explaine: If u have a station with 5 tracks, then u put all these tracks together so it makes an single line, then when u are creating a line then u choose wich track the line are going to use!!!

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