Tram catenary, asset tool, map import and many improvements

Update February 25, 2016: Today we released the build 7753 which improves on the previous build 7554 by adding an option allowing to adjust the growth behavior of towns. Also the compatibility with integrated Intel GPUs was highly improved. Please find the complete release notes here and the release hints here.

We are very happy that today the newest build 7554 was released.

This update introduces three widely requested features and also aims to further enhance the gameplay, usability, as well as performance.

Trams finally get their long awaited catenaries. Players can now upgrade streets with electric tram tracks. Next to presenting a visual eye catcher, catenaries are also an optional new gameplay element.

tram_catenaryThe newest build introduces catenary for electric trams.

A very flexible and highly modable asset placement tool opens a wide range of new possibilities to polish and decorate maps with any objects. Because we have observed that the modding community wants to snap assets to tracks, we have also implemented track-aligned assets.

asset_placementA new tool allows for placing both track-aligned and free assets.

With the new option to use height maps for generating landscapes, player are now able to create truly realistic and beautiful sceneries. In combination with the possibility to include predefined seeds, this allows for creating various challenging and diverse scenarios.

height_mapHeightmaps from grayscale images can now be imported.

In addition to these new features, based on the feedback of players many improvements have been made:

Trains behave more predictable when changes are made to the track and stations. Industries grow twice as fast than before and decline much slower, making them less sensitive to fluctuations in the transport network. We also optimized city development resulting in an increased performance and reduced lags at the end of months.

The modding possibilities have been significantly widened, giving content creators more control over how the game behaves and looks.

Our volunteers from the community put much effort into improving the translations and Swedish was added as a completely new language.

There is also a long list of various small improvements and bug fixes. Please find the complete list in the release notes.

More information on how to use height maps and an example map can be found in the release hints.

We put as much effort as possible into this build and we did our best to consider as many wishes and suggestions as possible.

Let us express a big thank you to all players, modders, testers and fans. Without all the suggestions and testing effort contributed by the community, Train Fever would not be where it is today. We hope you enjoy this final update and we very much look forward to see even more great contributions from the modding scene.

At the moment we are working very hard here at Urban Games and we look forward to soon share some very exciting news with you.

26 thoughts on “Tram catenary, asset tool, map import and many improvements

  1. After a year of nagging, let me be the first to thank you profusely for the new height-map import tool.
    The example screengrab looks stunning, and I can’t wait to get playing with it!
    (Alas, there’s the small issue of Xcom 2 just being released… going to have to divide my time :-P)

    Any word on allowing non-square map sizes? I think the import tool will give the game the new lease of life it really needed, but it’d still be nice to be able to have long-thin maps as an option πŸ™‚

    Again, many thanks for listening to the community! I look forward to news of your new game!

  2. Well i finally hoped to learn about the new game , still no news. Eagerly waiting for the info on new game .
    Some suggestions –
    1-Please make the industry more complex and vast like industry giant 2
    2-Use different transports like air ship etc.
    3-Make graphics a little more bright and fun.

  3. Thanks for the update. It seems a nice step in the right direction. I really hope that heightmaps and asset placement tool allow to also place cities and industries to have real maps πŸ™‚

    I really hope your next game will be some sort of improved sequel to this one.

  4. Thanks for the update guys!

    – TF seems to need more RAM now, Alt-Tabbing in and out the game is now way more laggy (before it was instant, now my computer thinks a bit longer)
    – the bug slowing down trains in still in there. Here is a savegame where “Linie 7” slows down on at least 2 spots:

  5. Yeah, how do you place new industries ? It’s not included in the vanilla game, but i think there is a mod to use the asset palcement tool to place industries. Anybody ?

  6. Finally, I have played with the new build and I think I tried the asset placement tool. I hope that I missed something because what I saw is quite disappointing: do we only have the ability to place visual assets that do not impact gameplay in any way such as benches or parking signs ? At least, the heightmaps sound cool, but how do we import them in the game and is there a way to place (and name) cities and industries in it ?

  7. So no rail-on-rail crossings ever? That makes me sad πŸ™

    Also: having an option to instantly upgrade & electrify all of the track is highly needed.

  8. No Diamond Crossings, no tripple sitches and no streets over tracks. This should be really the final patch. I must say a am very dissapointed. In a former forum tread 6 dlcΒ΄s have been anounced as planned. Now it is only a single dlc. And only one dlc from the community. So i am wondering. was the game to cheap, to make it finally right? A few month ago you announced a weekly update. And even this was not done. So what will be the next Game? A Patched Train Fever?
    And if you can not do all the stuff you announced in former times pls say why it is not possible.
    Of course everyone knows that you have to make money to work, and to life, but really you have to do a much better customer feedback or urban games will be known as a company that does not cont on its customers.

    • Agreed. The game is still barely complete by the standards of other transport games out there.

  9. Dear Developers,

    My hopes are that you are still watching these threads as you move on to focus on your next game. Thankyou so much for the new Terrain editor! I am hoping that you could create a more detailed guide on how to import terrain data into the game (Maybe even a video). I followed the link to your “release hints” page and was able to get the “puget_sound” demo map to work. However I am having quite a bit of difficulty to get any other maps to work, I am sure other people are struggling as well… My main questions are, where did you get you Height data from? and how did you get it such are large pixel counts and still keep the bit depth under 16? I love the update and am excited about the possibilities… I just need to figure out how to use it to its full potential. Anyone else having similar problems?

    • So using photoshop I was able to get it to work, I got my data from “”. I am not sure if anyone has asked but is is possible to edit the number of towns and industries on the new custom maps? I am back to having the my old problem where cities and industries are too close together to make it feel realistic.

  10. I have made 2 hightmaps of the Netherlands. They work pretty cool. Is there a place where I can upload them?

  11. I have a feature question:
    I would like to rename the cities Trainfever is creating to make the maps even more real.
    And above that I would like to add new villages. Could that be made possible to be able to make the real maps even more realistic.

    You would make me happy if these two functions are added as well.

  12. I shouldn’t have bought from because the game doesn’t update. Please?

    If there’s a new game announcement that’ll be great. I just… don’t like Steam. Sorry guys.

  13. Hi,
    I hope this great update will also be published on
    Best regards
    P.S. I can wait, no worrie!

  14. Final update & something so fundamental as edge of screen scrolling was never fixed… very disappointing!!!

    Modding would have made this game huge on Steam if Steam Workshop had ever been implemented.

    Hope the devs learn their lessons for the next game if they want to improve sales.

  15. And by the way, I wouldn’t whine here if I didn’t like the game πŸ™‚ It just isn’t finished πŸ™

  16. sooo according to today’s update… I don’t understand… the town growth can take as prices form 0.5 to 1.0 ?? with 1.0 being the same growth behavior as before? there’s not an option to have faster or bigger than before? 10.0 for example? :/

  17. My ingame screen turns black every time i start TF since the new update…unplayable πŸ™

    • Please get in touch with us via email and we will try to resolve the problem! You can find the address in the β€œAbout / Urban Games” section on the homepage.

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