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You mentioned Simutrans, but then dismissed it due to capacity balance fails, like this game. I must confess, I’ve not brought it, would you recommend buying it?

Sorry, my last sentence was about Train Fever again.

But the developers wanted to simulate passengers and reduced capacities, that´s the beginning of this failure.

Simutrans is an open source game.

You don´t have to buy it, you can download for free. Graphics are retro style and many people don´t like it, because of this.

You need the main program, the game engine and a pak, that includes, graphics, vehicles and many economical parameters. You can alter many of them and create your own game, if you´re experienced.

There are especcially two other things, that are better in this game.

You can create very big maps, where you need huge capacities, so the game is a consistent fight, to transport everything, that´s similar to OTTD.

The other point is, that passengers have destination, where they want to go. Apart from their bigger number that´s better solved as in Train Fever, where you can “train” your passengers to go, where you want them to go.

In Simutrans you have to build huge networks for people to reach every location, that´s the most fascination element for many people to play this game.

Cargo has destinations, too, because factories have contracts.

You will take a time to get familiar with the game, but the interface is much better than Train fever.