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Again with “Please stop talking”.  Why?  In what way does it harm you any more to read a constructive discussion on the matter than it harms me if they implement planes and ships?

Just because you don’t agree with one side of what’s being discussed, doesn’t mean you have any right to silence a discussion.  Try being open-minded rather than just shutting out anything that doesn’t reiterate what you’ve already decided you want.


I know full well that the game isn’t a slavishly accurate model of reality, and I’m not suggesting that any addition to it needs to be.  All I’m suggesting is that going by my own personal taste, I don’t feel that planes and cargo ships fit the feel of the game as it is currently.  My personal feeling was always that planes didn’t fit terribly well even in Transport Tycoon, as they just ended up feeling like a rather one-dimensional game element next to train and road travel, and looked rather preposterous once you got a fleet of concorde buzzing around like a swarm of jittery bees.  It felt a little out of place to me in a game that largely threw away the slightest notion of physical accuracy, and was pretty majorly abstract for the sake of gameplay.  If it didn’t feel particularly well there, I can only imagine it would feel even more out of place in Train Fever, which for all that it isn’t a perfectly realistic simulation, is undeniably a lot closer to reality than Transport Tycoon ever attempted to be.

That’s my feeling on the matter.  I don’t ask you to stop baseless discussion of a feature that I personally feel wouldn’t be a constructive use of the developers’ time, because I entirely respect your right to engage in this discussion.  Feel free to carry on.  (But perhaps try to shift your discussion over to debating how such a feature might be best implemented, rather than focusing on shutting up anyone else who attempts to do so)