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I stopped reading after the  ”250MB Savegames” complaint. Really? You can have a 1Tb disk (which is 4000 save games) for 50 euros and THAT’s your number one complaint? It’s an inconvenience at most.

While I don’t personally have this problem I don’t think we can dismiss this issue. There are people who use a smaller SSD, say 250 to 500 GB, along with a larger secondary drive and since they cannot choose the save directory or disable autosaving the save file sizes have become an issue.

From what I’ve read on the steam community forums there may be a work around to this but I think this needs the developers attention. Currently the game will retain 10 autosaves per map and will autosave each year. A large map save file is 250 MB. So it isn’t unreasonable to think that someone may have 3 separate large maps, played for 10 years+ resulting in a total of 30 auto saved games. This is 7.5 GB of auto saved games, totally neglecting any manual saves. Is that really acceptable when the game itself was what, roughly 2.5 GB??

Like I said I don’t have this issue but I can’t see why people are dismissing it so easily.

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