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Hello electricmonk2k, thanks for your reponse,

There’s currently a bug(?) where occasionally, small (and sometimes very small) segments of track are built that have a much lower speed-limit than the surrounding track…..

I have ruled this out by running a single train on the track, it will then go full speed where possible.

 Maybe this has something to do with the bug(?) with the small segments – in this case, there could be small slow segments just in front of or behind the tracks of the station.

It happens at every station, providing it is the second-to-last. I have tried this on multiple lines.

. If we knew which line the disappeared vehicle was from…

I agree, the vehicle management system could do with some more information/interaction.  I was lucky, I did know which line it was from the one time it happened to me :). But still as this line was on the outer ring of my big city, there were over 50 buses to check. That’s a lot of windows to check..

Have a nice weekend!