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That’s a bit unfair both to Steam and to Urban Games, in my opinion.

Regarding Steam, I can see no difference in buying a game in Steam or in a store and get disappointed.  Neither will give your money back, and I’ve bought lots of games in stores with just as bad (if not badder) an experience as the one you mention in your post.

Second, Train Fever is the best game I’ve played in the last few years, and keep playing it now (246 hours).  Even with the limitations.  If Urban Games makes another one, I’ll be first to buy it (if it runs in Linux, otherwise impossible).
The support, specially in the past, was bad, though.  The community in German is another handicap.  But the stability of the game (no crash whatsoever for me) in such a complicated simulation is a plus.

It used to be compared with Cities Skylines here, but the thing is that I’ve played 146 hours to CS.  Skylines is bells and whistles, nothing more deep or interesting as a simulation…