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    Hello everyone


    I just creat a Cargo Tram and found a little problem. I used the old Bustop deleded the roof and bench so is just the sing there. But now unfortunately there is now data what make it clear where the Cargo has to go :-/. So at the moment the Stop say  now “ok I`m a Cargo Stop but I have no idea where I put the corgo”


    The Result ist the Cargo Stop has no funktion…


    So now my Question it is possible to change the normal Bus Stop ( not Station) to a Cargo Stop ?

    I was not the only one with this kind of idea I found a data in Train fever with the name Truck stop but I could not find it in the game.

    Thankyou beforehand for any help

    Cargo Tram download




    The Bus stop on the street is handled different than the usual bus & truck stops.

    In short, it’s not possible to build a cargo stop that behaves the same like the passenger stop.

    You’ll have to build a cargo stop like the ones for the trucks to  have it functional.


    Ok thx for that.


    So the only change to load cargo is with a cargo stop :-?. ok Than I have to find an other idea to Sort this out .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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