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    A freight train with 8, 13 items a piece, ore/coal wagons can deliver 104 items of ore OR coal, right ?

    I had very good working ore and coal mines and steel mill. Ore and coal were delivered by one train carrying 8 wagons which would load ore and coal together in one run. I would’ve thought it would load up about 4 wagons of ore, drive up to the coal mine and fill up the remaining 4 wagons with coal. (abundage of ore and coal waiting at the mine freight stations to be picked up ).

    I figured wrong….. At the ore mine all 8 wagons were loaded up with ore, then the train drove up to the coal mine whereupon the 8 wagons were filled up a second time with coal…

    Together 104 items of ore plus 104 items of coal were shipped to the steel mill all at once ! Following the train i could see the ore load animation going on until all 8 wagons were filled up to the edge. At the coal mine the coal load animation would replace the ore texture… If zoomed out a bit i could see the ore texture shimmering thru the coal texture.

    Anyway, stupidly enough i thought this is not right ( and it is not right of course..) and added another 8 wagons train. So now one train to serve the steel mill with coal and one train to deliver the ore. Yeah, right!

    The ore train now picks up only 64 items of ore as does the coal train, also only 64 items of coal… While the steel mill keeps asking for more ore….  Hehe

    I’m going to deffinately see if i can restore the earlier situation, no matter if it’s right or wrong.  😉

    Anyone else seen this strange ore/coal load phenomenon ?  ( obviously it’s a bug, nice one though.. 😉

    Traian Trante

    We’ve seen it. I don’t know if the devs have, but most of us saw this.


    Yes, you can load even more onto trucks. If different sorts of goods exist in a station, a truck will pick up all of them if set to anything but “Full Load (Any)”. If set to (Any) it will tend to pick up all of one good + 1 item of another good, then depart.

    Also works for wood/goods if you want to exploit it.

    This is obviously a bug and not WAD.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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