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    I am a bit annoyed with that the game gets buggy after have built X number of different train lines. This have lead me to that I cannot create a train line which I know got electricity everywhere. Train Driver lets me create the tracks and then create the line, but when I buy a electric train for it, then the line track is gone. If I put the depot in one of the directions, then the train moves to the station and out of sudden gets NO PATH. If I put the depot so the train should have faced the right train station. I get a red error message that there is no legal path!?

    I have saved the game, and wonder if its possible to send this bug to you?

    All of the other train lines works fine. All of the lines have been converted to electricity. Also this line from a town station to another town station is built with electric rails from the very beginning. It seems like the game looses the path!?

    Have you ever considered traffic lights? roundabouts? AVENUES? Light rail stations? Subway? You have to finish this game please. I am doing and I will not do a review of the game until its completely done. I have written about it though but I feel that the game misses lots. Please look at Cities In Motion 2. They have got it quite right when it comes to one way roads, avenues and that trams can run on metro/train tracks!

    Train Driver will be the perfect game that everyone talks about when you fix the issues in the game. Adds what people wants from a Transport Tycoon game. You are going in the right direction, but you should consider things and do not give up even people do ask and annoy 🙂 I love your community and what you do! So, please make Train Driver a perfect game. Please.. ! I hope so 🙂



    You definitely have a section of track that isn’t electrified and yes, its VERY BLOODY FRUSTRATING! All you can do is slowly go over every meter of the line looking for the gap. Look out for overhead supports close together and pay particular attention to junctions. Use the electrification tool and check each section, eventually you’ll find a bit that goes green, meaning it isn’t converted.


    Yepp, even a CEO has sometimes fun walking down the tracks and checking things up.
    So put on your gloves, take the electrification tool, go down there and examine every inch of your track 😀

    It’s not a bug, just a kind of implementation that requires lotsa manual work 🙂 As for me personally, I have fun from it 🙂


    Hahah.. yes.. In the end I found out that one of the station tracks wasn’t electrified.. huhu 🙂 its sort of fun,, but i got frustrated..

    anyway.. thanks for calming me down here 🙂 lol

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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