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    Hey, first my i suggest disconnecting intercity roads. This method increases train usage and improves CPU performance (less cars). Anyways here are my metro system ideas. Has anyone else tried these? Thanks.


    Underground Tram

    Dedicated Line

    My Capital



    I like your ideas. I too remove roads to resources and town to town roads. I really like the idea of the stations in the center of the cities with the rails coming from underneath…I am still practicing that. It just takes so much money to remove stuff in the way.

    What is your process for setting up a city passenger rail from underneath? I guess just dig the rail down as much as it will go, then when close to the town, remove whatever then when the station is set it will set to the rail depth?

    EDIT// That wouldn’t work, the stations won’t set to rails, the rails have to set to the stations…just thought of that, brain fart.

    I guess I could use a large road then sink it down, then remove and set station?

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    Yeah a submerged station costs about $1m per platform plus deletion fees and the tunnels (about $1.5m)

    The small house are good to delete ($70k)

    I generally build a 5 platform submerged station in my main city then connect it both ends to close cities

    A -> B -> C -> B      B is main city with submerged station

    the other cities can have just 1 platform (for now) but 5 if affordable

    then make 1 or 2 buslins or tramlines in the 3 cities (preferably a 2 way circle)

    This set-up cost the full $10m

    Any spare money can be used to create a quick intercity bus from your main city

    Some towns are better than others for submerged stations

    Good towns are

    Built on a slope  (easy to tunnel one station exit under the town)

    have an area in the center with a clear (no roads) path to the countryside

    You do not necessary have to tunnel both exits

    Yes I use a sunken roads , its trail and error sometimes takes 5 secs sometimes 5 mins,m it worth making a save before hand and reloading if things go wrong

    You can also build raised stations with bridges for the exits (over town roads but sadly not buildings)

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    I usually build 2 stations for each town, take a look here:

    This really helps in the early years with stagecoaches. I’ve got 2 loops from each station, serving the half of the town. Making millions with the train, but losses with the stagecoaches. Not enough people driving my coaches.


    Haha, had not thought of that yet, i think your buslines are little too long.

    Any ideas for fast town growth.

    Is the cargo better than passengers (for town growth)?



    @qetuouk: The buslines in the image looks bizarre, but the travel time for a single coach is about 4 min, quite a high standard. If you take the same route and add a modern bus from the 1950’s, then it’s travel time will be shorter than 2 min.

    As time goes, I make the bus lines bigger and bigger as newer buses comes in. Thus the bigger lines can cover larger parts of the town and promote town growth further at an explosive rate. The bigger the development explosion, the better for my company. Big bucks! 😉


    Can you get passengers to use the railway for travelling inside a town? (commuter rail)


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