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    i must say , it’s a really good looking city , congrat ! , the station is nicely placed , 5 track  , is the TGV line a single track loop or there is connections outside the city ?

    oh and you have low speed track on your TGV line



    Looks great! I like your looping bridges 😉


    Impressive city centre! I’m also charmed by the looping bridges around the station area. Clever concept!


    Thanks guys! 🙂

    This city is in the center of the map, and the TGV line is a single line line going to a city at each of the 2 corners of the map, its a large map. Its also only low speed near the station, as the train cant possibly reach 120 km’h near the station, so i didnt bother changing them.


    How did you manage to build the bridge over the tracks that the 4 lanes are fit well under the pillars? 🙂 I have trying to do it but it is not something that would like to succeed lol. How did you measure the distance required for the tracks to fit there? As I know you cannot build roads over train tracks. So I guess you had to demolish the train tracks near the bridge, then build the bridge and then re-build the train tracks.

    my issue is that I have 6 train lanes there, not just 4 😛 And all the 6 are near each other, there is no space left for the pillar. So I’m wondering if you manage to create the pillars on the way that 4 train tracks fit there, then maybe 6 could be fit as well, with proper planning.


    @Roanoss 4 Tracks arent a problem for the pillars but i think much more isnt possible. We need more brigdetypes that can handle longer distances without pillars.


    @Cpt.Spaghetti That could be true, yes…  in my case 2 tracks are splitting off from the crowd and going elsewhere, so then I think I should try to build it on that section, there is space there for the pillars. Bad news is that the tracks are not straight, because 4 turns left, 2 turns right… stupid situation. I’ll play with it again and skip trying with the bridge over 6 tracks unless someone already built it and could post a picture how did he do it.


    Very impressive !  Kudos !  😉

    How are your buses and trams doing ?

    I see no traffic jams (great!), in fact there’s relatively little traffic in your city…  How do you manange that ?

    You still have 1950’s buses running in 1986, any particular reason ? ( i do like these nice looking red and cream 50’s buses too  😉

    Thanks for showing your city, very inspiring !


    All i’m doing with the bridges is building the railway tracks first, then placing the roads, and rising and lowering the road with N and M key until it fits. Might take a couple of tries to figure out where the road can start and end to get the best result.

    Buses and trams are doing their job at transporting passengers to the train station, but they don’t get any profit. As you can see on one of the pictures, 85% is using my passenger services in the town, that helps keeping the traffic down 🙂

    Reason i’m using those buses is because next buses didn’t come until 1989 i believe it was. Saved the game and went to bed just after i got those


    This is fantastic!  LOVE the bridges. 🙂

    Doesn’t it also show how the residential buildings next to the train station grow SO much quicker than those further away.  Compare the big towers to the little old cottages just on other side of the track!

    Thanks for showing this!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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