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    With the DLC installed, I cannot choose parameters of a new game such as map size, difficulty, starting year, etc.

    I did not use any mods prior to downloading the DLC. Does anyone have a suggestion?


    You must click on “basic” to show the page in which you can choose map parameters.

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    Thank you.

    Feel free to nuke the thread.


    Unfortunately installed mods do not show on the list, so you cannot select any mods.  So saved games cannot be restarted.

    I think that the procedure for installing mods has been changed (there is now a ‘mods’ folder in the root folder).  I suspect Urban Games forgot to tell us about it!

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    I’m a bit confused about this ‘new mods’ thing. I have some mods on a previous save game and yet it works fine after the update, even though the ‘mods box’ is blank. I guess some will work, some wont. I do hate that some people have put a lot of time into making mods only to have their efforts rendered totally useless 4 weeks later by the developers constantly rewriting the game.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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