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    Traian Trante

    Here’s a simpe idea (simple to implement) for soeone with coding knowledge and time.


    I’d lke to have prototypes in the game. for instance: I would get the A4 Mallard eralier by 1 or two years (random). I t will cost more than the regular A4 and it would not have the same power and tractive effort (random variations). Not all trains will get prototypes.


    Here’s how i think it coudl be done with a minimum of effort:

    1) You run a program each time you start train fever.

    2) the program scans the “vehicles\models\trains\*.mdl” files.

    3) The program deletes the prototypes from the eralier iterations.

    4) The program choses a random (20% ? ) numer of files.

    5) It creates an identical mdl file, with the modified stardting and ending years, power, tractive effort and cost requirements.


    That’s it. Simple to implment, if you have the knack for it .


    Thank you for your attention and i hope someone considers making this !

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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