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    Draggable platforms & placeable station entrance.

    I know there have already been some post about curved and draggable platforms. But i can’t get it out of my head if i don’t post some graphics i have made about it. so here they are!




    Keep in mind this is just some basic idea. I now close to nothing about how to make something like this happen, I just think it would be a rich feature to implement in an already good and fun game!

    Thanks for looking by.

    Sorry for any bad English 🙂


    Very nicely presented, you’ve got my vote! I very much doubt it’s possible, certainly would take a lot of work no doubt but hey, if there’s a Train Fever 2, I’m sure it’d be worth considering for that. After all, Cities in Motion does have platforms and stations that fit to the line, simply click any section you want a station and bang, there it is! All you’d have to do would be connect the road side and job done.


    Excellent idea! You could add too short or too long as well to things that will make it not work, and an indication of how long the platform is in metres. I think the station building could be automatically placed in the centre of the platform as you drag it, then you’d only need to attach a road afterwards. Unless they could automatically link the station with the platform as long as it’s placed within the grey area. I’d think that the grey area would need to be a lot smaller as well, to make sure that the station is really close to the platform.

    I think this would help with creating extra tracks/platforms for existing stations too. Just drag a new track alongside an existing track or platform and it will automatically add to the station, or not if you choose that line to simply bypass the station. They could have the option box like there is for boom gates.


    Nicely presented suggestion and well thought out. It seems to me that having the platforms snap to the rails matches well with the existing track building interface. I’d love to use this feature. I wonder what the devs have planned for the stations?

    This suggestion would also make it possible to create terminus stations that have their front entrance (and thus their road connection) at the end of the platforms.


    Signed. Excellent suggestion. We could create hybrid freight/passanger stations or we could freely expand existing stations.



    Good representation. This is certainly a feature needed. I place my vote for this!


    Absolutely and well put, this is how I expected stations would work when I first started playing. As it stands, stations at the moment are pretty inflexible. I hope something like this is considered.


    I will be happy with them just adding an entrance both sides and allow non train passangers to walk through. Ie if you have 2 bus lines on each side of the train station pedestrians shoukd walk through the station to change bus,s.


    Honestly, I don’t think the devs would make something like that even though it would be such an improvement. They seem not be bothering themselves with much more essential flaws this game has. Maybe this could be done by some mods? The stations does not seem to be hardcoded when there are some mods out yet.


    Good representation. It would be great to see this type of station in the train fever. Then we can make the station in the middle of the city by making it curvy.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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