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    A mail system would be awesome and could in theory use a lot of the same code and mechanics as the passenger system just with different cars and names for them.

    Also farm goods such as cows/pigs -> meat   and corn -> flower -> bread…

    These changes would add diversity and keep things feeling fresh.



    Or make it like TTD 🙂

    Have you seen this mod? You can open it in google web translate if you don’t speak German.


    It will be nice to have more industries or more complex system.




    The AIM mod mentioned above does look pretty cool. I’ve tried the ‘Cargo Mod’ and while it looked promising, I found it was too complex to work on this platform. The problem with that was that ALL industries needed to be connected in a chain for ANY goods to flow to towns. Fine but in TF with the 20 min rule, the probability of getting industries close enough was near impossible. New and more interesting resources are always needed in this and I’ll be trying the AIM mod to see if it’s any good.

    In the mean time, the suggestion about Mail is a good one. Mail trains used to be very common, especially in the UK but there is one major thing I can see that will stop it working properly, the stations.  Right now, we cant have duel use stations and the vast majority of the mail was collected / delivered to and from passenger stations. To have to build a whole separate station on a small branch line just to collect a few bags of mail just isn’t practical. Maybe another idea for Train Fever 2?

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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