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    USA DLC:

    • scenery: mainly desert and green mountains, inspired by Denver (Colorado) region
    • new trains, trams, trucks and busses
    • no licensed company logos
    • new buildings
    • new industries
    • new train stations
    • menu: option to toggle on/off vehicles / models
    • american styled signals
    • surprise(s)

    general stuff:

    • big performance patch coming in the next few weeks: better performance in late game and with “ned-of-month-caclulations”
    • modding capabilities for train stations in length and width
    • better European scenery
    • UI will not be changed by Urban Games, may be able to mod at later point in time
    • open doors on correct side of train only
    • modders may create own “DLC” mod packages
    • activate and deactivate mods or mod packages (like US DLC) in game
    • save games will remember needed mods and automatically activate them if possible
    • modding capabilities for industry end products (add different types of goods to be transported into cities)
    • modding capabilities for track speeds.

    on to-do list / may or may not be integrated at some point in time / ideas from the community (random order):

    • new vehicle buy window: sort vehicles by categories and repaints
    • catenary for tram tracks
    • overlay showing track speeds for already constructed tracks / streets
    • slip switch
    • larger maps (as soon as performance is fixed and maybe only for 64 bit systems)
    • better collision resolution while building tracks / fewer collisions when building bridges
    • height map importer
    • free definition of (multiple) entry/connection points to/from buildings (train stations with multiple street connectors etc)

    more ideas from the community / less likely to be included by Urban Games (random order):

    • more models for private transport / persons
    • standard gauge tram tracks
    • avenue with tram tracks in center
    • map editor
    • train stations with integrated bus stops
    • modular train stations
    • streets over tracks (may not be possible due to technical limitations)

    Definitely no implementation in Train Fever 1:

    • day and night cycle
    • change of weather
    • mixed passenger and goods stations
    • timetables
    • multiplayer
    • underground stations
    • switches on bridges or in tunnels
    • traffic lights
    • planning tool for track building

    avenue with tram tracks in center is very important to implement. almost all cities with trams have trams in the middle of avenues or in the middle of the streets. there is almost no city in this world with tram tracks on each side of the road. avenues can ease the massive car queues but need space. they would need a little bit bigger space than 4 lane road.  Also highways have avenues with fence in the middle, not on the sides.

    Please implement this. Important. You have chosen trams, then please finish their design. Maybe the tram-tracks could be more flexible so that the tramtracks goes in the middle of the street?



    What about one-way roads?  Nice to design in-town traffic flow…



    My only comment I feel like making is that it a MAJOR omission to say they are deff’ not having mixed stations in TF1. They claim to have made a transport simulator, especially focusing on the EARLY days of railways and there was not a single line that was built in the 19th century that didn’t have mixed traffic…. FACT.

    It has always felt wrong to me to have a branch line in the 1800s and not be able to drop off a few packages as well as my passenger traffic but I always thought “well, I’m sure they’ll get round to it eventually”. Apparently not.


    Great list of things to come. 🙂

    Here’s to hoping they will add height map import!


    Well, I am very happy we would get a performance patch, collisions, multi-entrance stations and modding possibilities.

    However, I am quite sad that the developers mostly focus on gimmicks (according to me) like tram catenary and door openings and not on more important things like (in order of importance for me):

    – passing of time (years pass too rapidly, which results in less time to enjoy the different eras and a wild fluctuation of financial results)

    – better economic information about lines (e.g. occupancy, travel time etc.), industries, cities. It would be nice to have other overlays such as line profitability, vehicle profitabilty, city growth, percentage of city demands fulfilled, more info about people using or not using the transport and their destinations

    – road over rail

    – timetables (a way of evenly spacing of vehicles would suffice)

    – multiplayer (I must admit I enjoy the game as it is, but it rapidly wears out but multiplayer or AI competition would give a much more interesting twist).


    What about a detailed “Manual” for the game ?


    I want some explanation on :

    – how an industry building work (all the number in the “Detail” tab have no explanation). I think they always go for the farthest goods but I’m not sure.

    – how a residential building work (all the number in the “Detail” tab have no explanation). What means Quality ? How is it calculated ?

    – how a leisure building work, how a commercial building work ?

    And so on… A management game need some good information.


    Also If you can show the radius of a bus stop on screen like in cities in Motion.


    And also renaming truck stock, big bus stop, train station, … You’ve to rename both the stop and the flag. Can you link them so I don’t have to rename my facilities twice.


    @Xcenty: radii of bus stops don’t make sense in Train Fever because there isn’t such a limitation.  A passenger can use any stop as long as the whole time he is travelling is less than 20 minutes (including walking time to the station).


    @isidoro Ok, no problem. Where did you get this 20 minutes travel time ? Is it from trusted source ?


    There are two more things that I would like to see added to the game; in order of importance:

    1. A additional slower time/speed setting.
    2. Separate tram tracks that are not on road and look like conventional train tracks.

    I don’t think either of these would be difficult to implement.



    Excited about the new terrain and new indsutries.

    Also the user ability to make dlcs is nice. Performance is the most important thing though.

    Best wishes to urban team


    Nothing revolutionary as it seems…apparently. Just new stuff and new looks and modding capabilities.


    Don’t know how to feel about this.


    The preformance patch better be good!

    Traian Trante

    I’d think the posibility to supply multiple type of goods to cities is revolutionary :D:D:D:D ca’t wait for that one !!!!


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