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    The Quiet Dutchman

    You can download my TGV Thalys here: Last updated: 05.10.2014

    You can download my TGV Atlantique here: Last updated: 29.09.2014



    I’m french so excuse me if my english is not understandable.

    In first I congratulate you for your work. But unfortunately you’re wrong. From the image you show, I think you use the TGV Sud Est of Train Fever and reskin it.  But you did’nt make TGV Thalys and TGV Atlantique. There are  differences between a TGV Sud Est and TGV Atlantique and the most notable is the top of the cabin. Look at photos of the engines of these two TGV and you will see it.

    Perhaps your error come from the reality. In reality, all TGV Sud Est have been repaint in silver and blue like the Atlantique but they still are TGV Sud Est. So you did’nt do the TGV Atlantique but the new paint of the TGV Sud Est. The series number is wrong too. We clearly see 531, but all TGV numbered in 5XX are not TGV Atlantique or Sud Est but TGV Réseau. TGV Réseau are very similar to Atlantique but have two car less and can go at 320 km/h instead 300. TGV Atlantique are number 301 to 405. TGV Sud Est are number 01 to 118.

    Your Thalys is wrong too for the same problem. Thalys PBA are based on the TGV Réseau with the same form.

    That’all. I repeat I congratulate you for your work, your skins are great. I just want to show some mistake.


    Hi Dutchman!

    Awesome paints, I love them! I’m not so picky about some details, but they look very much like in real life!

    Any ideas or plans for Thalys PBKA or a double-decker TGV?

    Thanks again for the awesome job!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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