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    Eagerly read the press release today regarding the ‘USA DLC’ pack and came across this,

    Because the modding system has been completely reworked, we highly recommend that all players who have installed mods should clean their game installation. To do so, please first delete the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Train Fever\res” folder and second run the “Verify” option in the Steam client (Steam Client -> Train Fever -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Cache”).

    Erm, WHAT? I’m sure there are many, if not most of us who have spent a lot of time downloading and adding mods to personalise our version and now they are all scrap? I can’t find any other info about this yet, so please Urban Games, whats the deal here? If anyone just deletes their ‘res’ folder and reinstalls, ALL of their saved games from previous Euro settings will be unusable as well, surely this isn’t the case?


    Old games won’t work, I’m afraid.  Looks like we have to start again, 🙁


    And Bavarian houses in the US desert…  Very odd.

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    If you’ve ever played Kerbal Space Program, you’ll know this is not an uncommon thing, updates break mods and save games. If you don’t want to lose your old stuff, try this: Copy the entire Train Fever folder to somewhere else on your hard drive. Then just launch the game via the in folder .exe, not Steam. That way you can have the updated version with DLC, and your old saves if you want to play them.


    Well, so far the few mods I have re installed seem to be working (depot mod, signal pack and fake trains). Hopefully this means that not ALL addons need to be dumped. No doubt things like the ‘Cargo mod’ or the ‘Balance mod’ wont work. I just hope this constant updating process won’t put off the moding community from making new content, I know if I’d poured many hours into a project only to have it rendered useless at the next patch, I’d be very discouraged.


    I just started using MODS, when update 5399 came installing itself. And I confirm that all old MODS keep working nicely, even the great and challenging CARGO MOD! It’s also savegame compatible. Even my “very old” ones (from November) loaded nicely. I play European style and did not download the USA DLC though.



    True, but Kerbal Space Program is/was in early access (as, frankly, TF should have been). Once a game is released, it’s EXTREMELY poor form to void everyone’s save files. It’s expected during alpha development as many large changes are being made constantly, it’s something you have to deal with when playing with an alpha product. It’s NOT something you should have to deal with past version 1.0



    I haven’t found it breaks my old saves for the unmodded original game, I can still load my saves up just fine.

    How many developers guarantee backward compatability for save games based on user-installed 3rd party mods?  I really don’t think it’s their obligation to offer support for modifications you make to your game, even if they provide (and improve) a system designed to facilitate it conveniently.

    I would think it’d be almost a foregone conclusion that later patches will very often break compatility with older mods.  That’s really up to the mod-makers themselves to support (or not).  How would developers even attempt to maintain compatibility with modifications they didn’t write?


    They should have at least allowed us to keep the original version so we could play our old saves – even if it does not bring us the benefit of the new features. Personally, I’ve been playing the vanilla game (no mods) and have noticed my saves still work post-USA-DLC.



    Sure, but the post I was replying to didn’t appear to exclusively talk about modded save games.


    The issue I have had is I have all the mods from the dot net and Russian sites. Each game update many of the mods broke, even the game manager broke three times, I had to pull the lot and re-install everything.

    It’s no biggie, the game is still in development, I understand that. That being said the old game managers are re-installing stuff right back into the game’s default res files. The Dev’s had mentioned they wanted to discontinue loading mods into the game’s default res files because one of the managers wasn’t updated as much as the game manager had been…plus it was making the game unstable.

    I have asked several times from the modders at the net site if they could please set their mods so they are in a single file folder that can simply be dragged into the new Mods folder. I just looked several new mods even the new Challenger from UP is asking people to place the things right back into the game’s main files and not using the new system.



    Now I have a whole fleet of E A&B’s F A&B’s GP9’s and 7’s Reefer cars and box cars…shay loco’s and disconnect cars. I have been stuck on three other games and have not yet started converting all my toys as yet. Mine will be built for drag and drop to that new Mod folder.

    Why is nobody using the new mod file system?

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    Because nobody is interested in TF anymore, that’s why. There are many lists of improvement suggestions. Do you think devs will ever implement it? No, they don’t event comment on this topics. The modders are not assumed to fix the game instead of the devs. For example there was (and still is) a suggestion (since the very beginning) to make the tracks possible to cross each other (x-junction, diamond crossing), no big deal I would say, but either devs are lazy as fuck or coding amateurs.

    It is such a pity, this game would have such great potential. I somehow love it, but all the flaws and unimplemented things make me sad…

    But Cities: Skylines are out now 🙂



    Because nobody is interested in TF anymore

    I’ve never herd such negative nonsense!  Plenty of people are still interested in Train-Fever.  It’s a good game, even with a few flaws that still need fixing; like ALL the games I’ve ever played.

    But Cities: Skylines are out now :)

    Please, can we have a ban on people banging on about Cities: Skylines on the forum, it’s not even a transport game!  There are plenty of other forums covering CSL this forum is for discussions on TF!



    Why ban Mr TF Fanboy? It is called freedom of speech. And I don’t want to discuss Cities: Skylines, I just said it is out now and Urban games should react by fixing their game, nothing more…

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