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    Will there be a separate high-speed track? Or will the speed only be dependent on the curvature? Will the maximum speed be visible when building tracks? (i couldn’t find this in the gamplay video)Will a speed overlay/map view be added so one can quickly spot bottlenecks?


    I would really like to see different tracks with different speedlimits. It defines wich tracks are old and makes the highspeedline possible.


    In the initial release, all tracks will have standard gauge. There will however be multiple track types (with different rail profiles, sleepers/ties etc.) that determine the maximum track speed and axleload. The availability of the types will change over time, e.g. high-speed tracks won’t be available in 1850.

    When building tracks, the desired maximum speed can be set as a design parameter, so that the player can be warned if the curvature is too high. There will also be an appropriate data layer to reveal maximum speed and other track properties.


    Thanks for the reply, it certainly is good news. 🙂


    Sorry to wake an old thread, but I think this question is fitting to the subject.

    I’m wondering whether or not we will be able to set the banking of the track to change the maximum speed limit. If so will this be visually represented? If we can’t set the banking, will this be simulated in some other way?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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