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    Train Fever Patcher allows you to tweak some game parameters by patching game executable file.

    This program is designed to game tweaking and mod testing, not for cheating.

    This is Windows only.

    It can:

    • adjust starting years from 1401 to 9999;
    • adjust starting loan from 0 to 2 billion;
    • adjust town count by 1/2 or 1/4 (game version 4831+);
    • allow main road demolition (4831+);
    • allow main road upgrade (4831+).

    Supported game versions for now:

    • build 4215 x86;
    • build 4625 x86 and x64;
    • build 4688 x86 and x64;
    • build 4831 x64 (latest).

    Source code at GitHub:

    Download latest stable build:


    Omich, thanks a lot for this nice little tool. It allows me to test mods without the trouble of editing much in advance: awesome.

    May I ask for one additional feature implementation? I would love to see the option 3/4 town count multiplier added in addition to the current options. The multiplier of 1/2 produces to less towns(around 13) on big maps to my liking.

    If that’s even possible I would be most grateful.



    Martin Mulder

    I have version 4831, 32-bit. Any solution to “fix” this one?

    Traian Trante

    Any chance you can update your patcher to the latest version of TF ? Pretty please ?????


    I ‘m making a mod that in effect “slows down time” by releasing vehicles later in the game than they normally would be (at 1/3rd the normal speed). For instance you will get the A 3/6 in 2021 (you normaly get that in 1907). Your patch would be very useful in allowing me to start the game in year 2000 (which is in fact old year 1900)

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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