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    It is impossible to upgrade a station without shutting down any bus or tram lines using the road serving station.  This causes the affected lines to loose money for some time after the upgrade.

    Does the presence of a road vehicle or tram HAVE to prevent demolition of a station when the road itself is not affected?

    It’s time for the whole station upgrade issue to be fixed.  We need an ‘upgrade station’ facility to make station upgrade less painful.


    Since different stations have different size I think that a automatic upgrade function could potentially make the new bigger station to suddenly be bugged into stuff like things that would normally be in the way of building it.. idk?


    Just wait until vehicles are not in the way, simple. As for Auto update, Kimmaz has a point. What about going from 1 to 2 tracks? If there is a building behind will is not do it, show a warning, randomly bulldoze a $2m house? That is awkward but needs to stay manual I think.


    carefull planning can take most of the pain away i have found. road’s can be moved before demolishing a station so that the bus/tram lines are not affected. That way those vehicles should be out of your way. The bigger problem for me is that i have to stop my train traffic. And once you want to replace a busy train station it becomes very difficult to clear enough tracks around your station without halting traffic in a verry large radius.

    Auto upgrading a station is highly improbable since longer platforms probably wouldn’t fit with the current track layout and moving tracks could cause a lot of other collissions or create other impossible scenarios.


    A tip I’d like to add. Just before trying to upgrade manually, SAVE! Then pause the game, bulldoze the old station and take your time mucking about with placing the new one. If it doesn’t fit or is too much of a disruption, reload the last save and no harm done.


    the problem is that you cannot even demolish that station to build upgraded one because the hell you got trams/buses that go to nearest bus/tram stop – before you send them all to depot you can’t upgrade even with current awkward way – demolish and build new on that place.

    the fact that you can’t just instantly upgrade to more tracks with placing new station over old one(like upgrading depots in CiM) is not topic of this discussion

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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