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    This was quite the fantastic update, makes the game much more enjoyable now with an auto replace feature. We just need a few more features to make the game complete. Road Traffic Signals at major intersections, being able to build roads over tracks. Keep up the great work.


    Just started  a new game and graphics got all messed up and game stopped working.


    I agree, great update!


    almost..but not really.

    We’re slightly closer.

    They need to do some serious work on the actually trains and tracks part of the game. Roads over rails, and not to mention remove the actual grid part of this. It’s obvious there is a grid there, since it’ll only cross at certain angles.

    They need to do double forks, and X crossings to help us sort in front of stations, and other things of that nature.


    We really do need X crossings to enable the construction of compact double track junctions.

    Perhaps it would help to have a double track construction tool to help their construction!  It would also make building double track lies easier.  I always build my main lines with double track initially.

    We also need a slower time/speed setting to enable us the run the game at a more comfortable speed when there are lots of tasks that require out attention.  This would be an additional setting, NOT a replacement for the existing time/speed settings!

    But I agree, we are getting closer.

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    We need as well Steam Workshop for TF, it will make the installation step much faster and easier. Plus that the chance of the mod crashing or something like that is reduced to somewhere near 0%.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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