Crowdfunding campaign: 30 days to go

We were able to double (!) the invested amount within the last week only. The confidence of the investors and followers is an obligation for us to give our best in the next 30 days and – hopefully – during the next twelve months of development.

At this time, we would like to explain the business model of Gambitious once again: Please make an investment (starting at €20) to get shares in the revenue of the project and to show your support to the community. If you make an investment, others will follow. All together we will reach the goal and realize a state-of-the-art successor of Transport Tycoon.

The campaign’s progress was amazing during the last ten days. Due to the following reasons, there is a high probability that Train Fever reaches the goal: (1) We observe a significant increase of interest in Train Fever and the Gambitious campaign. (2) Crowdfunding typically speeds up towards the deadline. (3) Negotiations with serious investors show good progress and at least one agreement is very close. (4) We will considerably increase PR activity in the next 30 days.

However, we should not count our chickens before they hatch! Therefore, please continue with investments. If you invest at least €40 you get a copy of the final game for free. Don’t hesitate to ask questions in case of any uncertainty.

Thanks a lot for your interest and support.