Release in Q3 2014

We are making very good progress with developing the game. All major implementation challenges are solved. We have now started to focus on the user interface and game-play details.

Due to a short delay with reaching the last development milestone, we have decided to release Train Fever in Q3 2014. Originally we have planned to release in Q2. Thanks to the new release date, there is more time to bring the game to perfection. Funding for the additional development is already secured.

There will be a closed beta test in Q2. Details on how to register will be announced on this website a few weeks in advance (early enough so that everybody has a chance). The number of participants will be limited.

In the next weeks and months we continue with development updates on this website.

Thanks again for your input and feedback. We try to consider as much as possible, and some of your ideas have already made it into the game. We look forward to releasing a well worked out Train Fever in Q3!

28 thoughts on “Release in Q3 2014

  1. I’ve already informed my girlfriend that I wanted this for my birthday which is June 12th. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to think of something else as a birthday gift, but will buy this for myself sometime on the summer.

    Keep up the good work, guys. It will be worth the wait I’m sure. Hell I’ve only been waiting 10 years since Locomotion appeared!

  2. Too bad I won’t be able to play it in May, but the most important thing is that the game is released in a good state, so waiting is not a problem.
    Can you tell us which ideas was implemented?

  3. We´ll be waiting for your game, don´t worry !!! You have now more time finish it perfectly 😉 Good job !!!

  4. I’m glad you prioritise quality. Huge companies (such as EA), just push games out even though they are not finished. I prefer your approach.

    p.s Grüße aus Chur

  5. Since you guys are taking a little more time, is there a way you guys can include planes and ships in the will just make this game irresistble.

    • Well, they of course can include in the game planes, ships, trolleybuses, metro, multiplayer, but in this case release will be in 2017. 😀

        • Dude, what’s your problem …? That’s ridiculous.
          Anyways, hopefully all modes of transport in the future 🙂

        • Please respect the other options. Its a train transport game, but also for other transport ways. So first trains and later other options. But good news for you: you dont have to use planes and ships 🙂

          • I think trains and planes would be quite stupid because the maps aren’t big enough for that. Not saying they’re too small, just saying that it’d be kinda stupid to have a plane that flies 10 km and then lands again.
            Same with ships.
            The loading of a ship would realisticly take longer than the trip.

            Airports and harbours would be nice though. We would have a point to deliver and load goods and people.
            I just don’t think it’d be nice if we could run planes and ships on very, very short distances. It’d just make one big plane traffic jam (i.e. Transport Giants 2)

        • I really hardly ever use planes in any of these games, and ships are just so slow and inefficient I never use them.

          However, I would love to have working seaports with ships that pick up and drop off containers to send goods to and from my container trains. More like “A-Train”. I think that would be awesome!

    • I’d also like to see planes and ships, but for me most importantly Multiplayer!!! I dont mind if the game releases later or these come as a patch/dlc but please do that!

      • Multiplayer?
        As in a competition with actual players?

        I think that’d be an absolutly enormous challenge for the T-F team…
        But to I think that two or more players building something and having their own fully opporational infratructure might be a bit too much on the technical side, especially peoplewith low-spec computers.
        And IDK how hard it is to build an entire online network with servers and such, but I bet that it isn’t something that can be done in 5 minutes.

        So multiplayer would be awesome, but it isn’t really needed and it might be too hard for the team to make.

        An online update in the future would be awesome.

        • It worked perfectly with TTD and it would work with T-F too. Iam sure its much work, but still i think it would worth the time and effort. Its a lot more fun to build together (even if the other player is your competitor).

  6. Great to hear that you’re taking your time instead of trying to rush it.

    I do have a question though: I do not live in a ‘German speaking country’, but I want a boxed version of the game.
    I absolutly hate downloading games and I think Steam is pretty aweful.
    So will boxed versions be available in non-‘German speaking countries’ on onlie web-stores?
    So I can buy the game online and get a physical, English copy of the game or will boxed versions only be available in German in ‘German speaking countries’?

    (Written on a cell, so excuse my English.)

    • At the moment: “Retail sales in non-German speaking countries may be announced at a later point in time.”

  7. This is really good news! We don’t care about an early release, but about a well develloped game. I feel comfortable with this. And maybe this’ll bring a better sale on christmas. I wish you good progress…

  8. Please take your time. We’ve been waiting for so long and I rather keep waiting a little longer for a descent game than getting something only half finished or buggy.

  9. Very good decicion.

    I prefer a longer waiting time and be not dissepointment when i buy and play the game. Than a quick release and get stuck with a unfinshed beta version of it.

  10. Been waiting for a game like this one since Sid Meier’s Railroads. I’m eagerly waiting for it to be released. I don’t believe no other company is developing this genre of game.

    I hope the next few months goes well with the development of Train Fever.

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