Next transport simulation game announcement date set

Urban Games and Gambitious Digital Entertainment are ready for takeoff and extremely happy to officially announce a next generation transport simulation game on Monday, April 11, 2016.

plane_takeoff_1280Urban Games and Gambitious Digital Entertainment are ready for takeoff

Details about the new game will be uncovered on April 11 accompanied with a trailer and a new website. While the game will be packed with new features, trains again play the central role.

Once announced, the community is invited to give feedback and discuss the development on the website, forums and social media channels. Release is scheduled for later this year.

A lot of work has been put into the development of the new title and both the Urban Games and Gambitious Digital Entertainment teams can’t wait to finally show their latest project to the public.

84 thoughts on “Next transport simulation game announcement date set

  1. Can’t wait guys . . . best of luck with the new game πŸ™‚

    PS – An airplane image though???

  2. Good luck with the new game but if the train system is anything like Train Fever I won’t be buying it.

    Not saying that Train Fever is bad, I spent a good 30-40 hours on it, I just expected more from it.

    • Things will change a lot, but any feedback is welcome! Let us know what you would do differently.

      • More industries and more interesting manufacturing chains (i.e., rubber (maybe imported from the ocean cargo terminal) to tire plant to auto plant to auto distribution center to city auto dealerships . . . along with two similar chains for plastic and steel to make autos).

        Also industries that change, go out of business, and start up to keep things interesting.

      • My biggest concern in terms of feedback early on will relate to alpha, early access or access to beta while it’s still not too late to change things around if you really want feedback on gameplay, game mechanics, balancing things, user experience, graphics and the likes.

        Waiting patiently for April 11! πŸ™‚
        Hoping you will reveal what engine you work on, whether you’ll continue with mod support etc.

        • I second this. But it should not go unmentioned that Urban Games does listen, and does take action! I’d say that I’m really happy with the base game, before any mods! πŸ˜€

          Looking forward to see more tools to challenge the demand of public- and goods transportation!

      • Hello!

        My ideas:

        – Factories can produce more products. The modders can do more realistic manufacturing chains.

        – Raw material multipler. Example: 2 unit coal + 1 unit iron ore = 1 unit iron

        – At the same time can only be one product in a wagon, but they can automaticaly change the type of goods.
        Example Chris Sawyer Lokomotion (you chose in timetable wich goods will it transport)

        – Multiplayer like in Railroad Tycoon 3. Your opponents can use your railway line, but they need pay for it. They can not use without permission, to stop the trolls.

  3. Really am excited for this upcoming game. Expecting to see lots of new features, including Airplanes also. Also an optional Simple Economy, if you only want to focus on building.
    Best of Luck

  4. Its great that the new game also have trains as the main topic. I really hope for the 2016 TTD or 2016 RRT2. Just like CSL did for SimCity, I believe you can do for trains. Its about time to have something to replace those old games.

    Looking forward to it!

    • If you want 2016 TTD, you might want take a look at the OTTD project.
      It’s the opensource version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe with many issues fixed and tons of new features added.

      • Of course I know OTTD. But with those graphics and gameplay? Come on, I rather play with train on CSL.

  5. I am very excited! Please for the love of Mary have multiplayer! All my friends want to play a massive transport tycoon game like this against each other! Honestly, hope to see slowed time, more trains and features! make it awesome! More switches too…

  6. maybe in this one you could control the transportation in a national level?? with detailed cities too??? that would be super cool!!
    i’ve already put more than 400 hours in train fever!

  7. It’s great news! I would like to see in the game is more simple way of construction of bridges and tunnels, as well as modular stations and stops. and of course, dozens of cargoes!

  8. Just a list of wishes:
    – Timetables
    – Dynamic platforms for trains.
    – Roads over rail (not only the other way around)
    – Industry more tied to the cities
    – Include farms (transport to factories), mostly done with trucks
    – The ability to have a daughter-company that is specialized in just 1 task, such as the above.

    • Not dynamic platforms. If your trains are bunching up outside of the stations, something is wrong. What we need instead is more control over timetables so that we can keep trains at distance from each other and ensure that the designated platform is empty.

      • Or limited dynamic – give us the option to add alternative routes/platforms to the line. Here in Brisbane, Australia when there is something wrong they will reroute the train to another platform.

  9. Maybe they’ll unveil a mixture of flight and train simulator. πŸ˜‰

  10. It’s great news! I spend 950 hours with train fever, I need rebooked my holiday of work for new game.

  11. please use better engine this time, so there will not be so many fps drops and better contruction of bridges and stuff πŸ™‚

  12. I hope, you will make version for Linux, like Train Fever. I really hope about it!

  13. I’m really excited about the new game (Personally I call it Train Fever 2, but I’m sure it’ll be named something else) and I really hope to be able to cover the details when you post them on the 11th of April.

    400+ Hours of Train Fever so far, and I don’t plan to stop till the next game is released. ;P

  14. I’d love to see better scale. Less intense graphics but larger, life size maps with realistic train length.

    Dynamic platforms i don’t like, but there could be an option where you setup the main target platform but train could use another one should the primary one be blocked.

    Also improved track building tool is essential.

  15. I would love to see an TTD redone properly !!!
    I hope the “TF2” will be great πŸ™‚

    Let’s the Swiss team build some quality game πŸ™‚

    • I don’t know about you, but I think TF2 is a very good game. πŸ˜‰

  16. Please alow us to have a trainstation, where people can
    reach the tracks from both sides of the station. Actually
    we have to build two stations adverse each other and also we have
    to build two lines with the same destinations, because the people from the left station
    could not pass over to the right Station. Thx

  17. I’m kinda hoping this is a step closer to a OpenTTD replacement. The airplane looks fantastic!

  18. Is it me or this is stupid. You make an announcement about an upcoming announcement? O.o … what? o.O

    Yeah, I own the game from day one, and as many hoped this would be the 3D version of OpenTTD. Dono why game dev’s are so stupid to try to invent the wheel while all they have to do is use it.

    Also, stop posting announcement about an announcement, its rather stupid.

    some disappointed guy.

    • They said in mid January I believe, they would announce their next game in Q1.
      Q1 is ending as of today. Many of us have been waiting and longing for more information. I’m sure you’re not alone in being disappointed you’re not getting the full information today, but relax! Info will come! And I’m quite sure many of us are happy there was an announcement (about the announcement).

      I don’t see a problem announcing they are working on a trailer and how to present the information about the new game. At least we know something is in the works. πŸ™‚

  19. if it is train fever “2”
    or basically modern version of transport tycoon
    Dont let X crossing rails come as a Super late update
    and some simple stuff that Should be in a Transport tycoon like game in first place
    and Dont make the whole game focused on germen trains/stuff but more world wide

    if the game gets its own mod fan website bigger chance if the trains is more world wide
    the bigger chance for fan websites will be Full English and not half germen/half english

  20. I am beyond excited. Albeit, I think I would choose a plane with more reliable flying record for your preview picture πŸ˜‰

    As a transportation professional, if I can be of any assistance, the pleasure would be all mine.

  21. Shrink train size to map. Allow for longer trains between cities. Different cargo. I am thinking basically the cargo of RRT3 with the track building of train fever.

    Perhaps forget about the trams? The computing power needed for the trams could be used for the freight system?

    • Why would you need longer trains? With the current platform length you can already transport big amounts of people. Saturate the line with trains and you would be amazed at how many people you can transport in a short timespan.

  22. So… the new game will be called Transport Fever (sorry for spoilers)

    I love Train Fever and I am very happy with the new announcement.

    Here are a few ideas on how to improve the game (in my opinion):
    – more varied spread of cities
    – more varied landscape (but this can be worked around through heightmap import)
    – significantly bigger maps (for those whose computers can afford them) – perhaps increasing the landscape resolution to 2m instead of 1m, resulting in bigger distances between cities (which also allows for better infrastructure placement and allows mountains for example to be larger than a city)
    – terminal train stations, that are linked to the road at one end instead of on the side, this is pretty important from a realism perspective
    – non-terminal train stations should have an option for road connection on one side or on both sides so that, if the station goes through a city, passengers don’t have to ride a bus around the station (through tunnels and bridges) to be able to enter the station
    – wider train stations (more rail lines)
    – bigger “big” cities so that the big cities don’t get dwarfed by the wider train stations
    – overground/underground train stations
    – curved train stations
    – perhaps mixed (passenger/freight) train stations? not sure this is feasible
    – weather, day/night cycle, seasons (at least for cosmetics)
    – vehicle scheduler, custom platform stops (waypoints)
    – more freight chains
    – ship transport (requires a better water spread on map – heightmaps/custom maps fix this)
    – (maybe?) planes (on a realistic scale, including profits – in Transport Tycoon it was too easy to become a billionaire by creating airports/planes)
    – perhaps make modding easier, allow for vehicle re-skinning easily (so different biomes can be created over the base game)
    – better, professional interface (this is just a gimmick, focus should be on gameplay)

    So basically just make a gorgeous 3d Transport Tycoon Fever with a lot of improvements πŸ™‚ Train Fever was a really good start.

    Also, I personally will buy the game as soon as it is available and I will support any DLC that greatly improves it, so try to plan the game on a longer time-frame. Maybe look at what Cities Skylines did, they had great success with just one well-made game, and you can do that too πŸ™‚

    I really hope the new game lives up to the hype.

    Thank you and good luck!

  23. I hope this game will also be published on gog! I hate this crap/spyware software steam.

  24. Looking forward to it and will definitely buy it.
    I have already 300 hours on the game now (and counting)

    Adding plains, ships and larger maps (like openttd) would be fun. Also doing something about that end of the month lag is a must.
    It would also be fun that individual people have more traffic goals (going to cinema, holliday or just for a walk in a park etc).

    And the industry cargo should be different that it is now so the 20 minute rule doesn’t apply to it and raw materials can be transferd from a larger distance.

  25. I totally suspected it would involved planes. PLEASE PLEASE tell me I can set up an air freight network?! Excited to hear all about in 11 days.

    • Logistics! Air freight from off the map arrives into your world (airport). It is loaded onto trains and taken to scattered distribution centers. It is loaded onto trucks and delivered to your cities. Reverse shipping goes the opposite way.

  26. And perhaps a little eye candy that makes it possible to sit in your trains, trams, buses, etc as a passenger. And if passengers for example enter a tram, you can actually see them sit in it so no empty looking vehicles will be driving around.

  27. Cool. I liked Train Fever despite some weaknesses and broken promises… I hope this sequel would include:
    1) AI (it is somewhat more exciting to compete with some other companies like in transport tycoon or railroad tycoon, Sid Meyer Railroads). Multiplayer could also be interesting, but I’m not sure it is suited to the low pace of this game.
    2) Map editor with option to place cities, industries, terrain, etc. (playing somewhat “real” “historical” maps is more fun to me that fictional maps)
    3) Better economical/operational information and better management of time. I put them together because today economic results vary a lot only because the time compression is not well balanced (train take almost one year to do one trip). It would also help to have better figures, graphical overlays, graphs for the evolution and set alerts on transport usage (e.g. by city, by line), average occupancy rates, speed etc. (e.g. by line), an overlay with destination wanted by a city (e.g. a simple graph with arrows’s wide proportional to number of citizen wanting to go to which other cities) or an overlay with destinations reachable from a place in 20 minutes (e.g. like isotherm graphs). And oh, please create a real “income statement” (maybe with items regroupable by transport type) rather than the current resemblance to “cash flow statement” (but maybe this only appeals to me as I teach accounting πŸ™‚ ).

  28. Excellent news. I will buy it as soon as it is available.
    I would like to see increased map editing facilities and UK stock and locos. English translation of German links would not go amiss, either

  29. I hope it won’t be too long until the game releases. Maybe go through early access with this one?

    A few things that were great about TF:

    – Simulation (People, City Growth, etc…)
    – Graphics
    – Scale
    – Demand-driven supply chain
    – Vehicles self distribution (After the loading times update)

    What should be improved?

    – Performance
    – Track building (especially bridges over tracks and tracks under existing bridges)
    – Balancing of vehicles
    – An awesome Train Fever Station: but I want the game to be closer to this: (best case: almost as easy to build as in OTTD). + Balancing has to be done in a way that rewards those big stations, you don’t really need what is shown in the screenshot from TF.

  30. – larger maps
    – Roundabouts to improve traffic flow
    – Cab ride!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Wow. This turned into a wishlist quite quickly.

    Anyway, yay for trains !!!! Let’s hope the next game finally manages to dethrone Transport Tycoon. TF almost had it.

  32. I’ve been waiting for a successor to my favorite game Locomotion. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

  33. What a nice surprise to come back in this site and watch this annoucement of a annoucement with a render of the… DE HAVILLAND COMET? Wow, that will be huge, a new OTTD, maybe.
    I expect this (as the DH Comet) to be bombastic.

  34. I love you guys. I played your game more than 636h with big and complex networks – like in the real life. I played with the config and built up big cities with severals “S-Bahns”, InterCities” and “Regional Trains”
    I would really recommend:
    – A better KI for the passengers. They should better calculate their routes incl transfer to other trains etc.
    – Passengers should not wait for a train on the plattform (current trainfever) –> Β¨Passengers should know exactly when the train arrives and so decide on which time the have to leaving their houses or offices etc.
    @Train-Fever Team: Do you know what I mean?

    Nice to have:
    -“Schmalspur”-Tracks like the RHB.
    -“Standseil”-Tracks for very steep
    – Gondolas/Char lifts (would be the best)

    Thank you for every thing!

    • And hotspots like
      – airports
      – ports
      – Big Cities
      – Rush houer
      – Aglos
      – Special Events (New years eve or Jubilees)
      – Day and Night

      Also small villages

  35. Add statistics for passenger vehicles:
    + attractive
    + comfort
    Add other factors to decision to route:
    + ticket price
    + estimated travel time
    Change distance tariffs to market prices (eg. SM Railroads!)

  36. Was eagerly waiting , finally relieved to see that Airplane is there , which means all types of transport will be there . Prove yourself with the new game guys … good luck

  37. I’ve played Train Fever for 170+ hours. I follow Urban Games on social media every week and I can’t wait for the official announcements! πŸ™‚

  38. I am among those who think that TF was not finished.
    Its success is based on the fact that there is no other transportation simulation game.
    The worst thing about your app is that it is based on completely wrong management principles. For example, adding a train on a line, never divided the travel time by two.
    I’m not sure that a simulation in real time is a good way for a transport simulation that lasts hundreds of years without creating delirious anachronisms with a train that puts 1 year to cross the map for travel time of less than 20 minutes.
    The snap of De Havilland Comet tells me that your project will be content to add aircrafts and airports, which may well not be enough to stir my interest. Train fever brought me just the possibility of a railway network with basics signalisations. This is not a simulation or a management game, just the porting of your experience in urban development modeling.

    Without mods, this game would have been a disaster.
    That’s just my opinion. Do not necessarily stick Account if you think that TF is a great achievement.

    • I don’t see why adding a train would change the travel time. What does change is the interval time between trains. If you have one train running on a line and it takes 30 minutes to make a round trip adding a second train would bring it to 15 minutes, adding a third would lower it to 10 and so on.

      The time difference is just an offset that had to be made to be able to span 150 years of train evolution. If you had the trains and other traffic going at a relative similar speed, you would be unable to even see them, that’s how fast they would be moving. Then you could have simple made a text interface to control the game.

      • I don’t know why having more vehicles on one line, increases the number of travelers or goods (especially for goods).

        • Depends on the line. Someone leaving his house calculates a route to a destination it can potentially reach within 20 minutes of departure. If you only have one train every 15 minutes you will miss out on a lot of potential travelers.

          • You bullshitting.
            Should you schedule a flight every 15 minutes for a profitable Paris New York ?
            I’ll teach you a management trick:
            The more you use trains, the more you lose money. The difficulty of logistics and the Demand Planner forecast it’s managing passenger flows, not waiting time at the station. The travelers knows the time departure, it’s never a big problems.

            And for goods, I guess the coal fed up of waiting for the train, take Those little feet to make the journey on ? In train fever, if more than 20 mins between two trucks, the factory closes and fire everyone…

            This is so smart and realistic !

          • This is not the waiting time in station that convinces customers to take the train, it’s the price per km, travel time, comfort, services…
            For goods, it’s just costs and delivery shedule on time

  39. Hello people! Congratulations for your new game. Will be this new game a crowdfunding based game?

  40. One more thing on the wish list, support for multiple monitors.

    One for the map
    one for traffic control, etc.

  41. I am so looking forward to the new game. This has been by far the best railroad sim there has been. I love playing it and it reminds me of my childhood spent working/playing with Arnold sets.

    But what I would like to see more of in the next version is more trains. There are so many models that can be brought into the game and not necessarily left as Mods. The game could do with variety.
    Also, what I found odd is that rail buffers aren’t present at the ends of a track. That and one way signals….the Trains should not bother if the signal is not facing them.

    A really insane idea would be to not have trains automatically reverse at the end of a line. Rather you would deploy a second locomotive. That being said you would need to realign the finances to make it economically feasable. And the chance to set up a proper locomotive shed with turntables, service yard, etc. unlike the generic one we have. It’s crazy i know but the realism factor would go up big time. Also graphical changes such as mines with droppers to fill the wagons or lumber mills with canes rather than the same freight depot everywhere.

    Lastly, custom platforms. Especially when you wall variations in the terrain. The standard ones can end up costing millions and not to mention that the tracks end up at crazy highs above the surroundings at times. The ability to mark out a section of track and make it into a platform would be great. We could look at multiples of a basic unit, say 100 ft. And have the person drag and highlight the area and it becomes a platform. We could also have curved platforms aligned with the elevation to prevent lopsided platforms and costs.

    Apart from that…what the community has already mentioned.
    Different industries. Lots of them resulting in diversified freight.
    Ports. Army Base (Tanks, etc.). Some maps could have them as Special Operations.
    Road over Rails. That is a must.
    Different graphic designs or skins for stations, depots, vehicles, etc.

    In the end. Keep up the great work. I am looking forward to the new edition.

  42. Good News! I hope to be fixed the valve gear (return crank does not revolve around) animation on steams.

  43. Would be nice if you added the possibility to customize city placement in the map maker. Then one would be able to play in real life maps, and duplicate true rail networks or create connections you wish existed.

    • Du meinst wohl das eine andere bestimmte Domain auf die selbe Person registriert ist.. πŸ™‚

  44. I’ve been refreshing the page constantly, very excited! Any ETA as to when?

  45. Excited πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Waiting πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  46. As Founder if the first part I repeat my advice:

    use all things from Transport Tycoon (better OTTD) put it in a better graphic (mayby talc to Collosal Order and buy there engine to build really big maps with a lot of cities), flavor it with a little bit modern game standards and a financial sucess will be absolutely granted!

    First try was good, but Transport Tycoon is allways hold the crown.

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