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    as i seen on some beta videos

    the train track can´t crossover each other so a
    setup like this at station is basely impossible:
    so will it be possible to crossing with train tracks later or at the release?

    also with that kinda of switch and with the new signel system
    if a train is on right side and train on left
    they both dont needing to switch side
    the signel will still be green (unlike in locomotion if made this the signel stopped the trains)

    only red if one of the trains needing to switch side


    also maybe a switch like this should be possible to make in the game too: (max a 3 way one not 4)


    and if not in a update or something then i hope the game can be modded to have this


    What about like this?



    or these too:×128 (with double track version of it too)
    but i think we get the point
    X Crossover tracks and cross over other tracks to make switch like as in first post

    and maybe also a 3 way switch (that is in real life so why not in the game too)
    but never seen a 4 way so that should not be there


    maybe also a option on the station os there can be multi train lines on 1 platform on a station(kinda needed if having big networks as i can already see)
    aswell as a Unload and not Load option on train/truck&buss lines as i also have seen is needed

    but i think i make a other thread for whats the game needs as TTD/OTTD/Locomotion have but this game needs


    That would be great!


    That would certainly be useful.


    This would be useful outside of stations with double platforms. Currently, if the station is designed to be a passthrough station for a number of lines, there are two crossovers built just outside of each station so the left track can reach the right station platform, and the right track can reach the left station platform.

    Adding this to my Train Fever wish list:

    1. Roundtables

    2. Waypoint system – Useful for many things, such as selecting specific platforms to load/unload or pass through or having a trian use a wye turnaround.

    3. “X” double crossover. Useful with heavy traffic, saves space from the current need to build two separate crossovers.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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