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    Dear developers,

    First of all I want express my gladness about the development of a new transport tycoon game! Great work guys!

    My questions are, will there be different types of bridges, tunnels, stations (maybe in the future airports) and can we adapt the size of the stations? And also different types of rail/road textures?

    Also I think features for example like toll roads make the game more realistic because we built (pay) the roads. Will this be an option?

    Thanks in advance for answering!


    Good morning and thank you.

    We’ve got different bridge types and stations. There are 3 sizes of stations, small, medium and large. The amount of platforms for every station can be adjusted. There are two Railroad types available with different speed limitations.

    Toll roads aren’t planed.


    different Types of Bridges – Thumbs up!  Stone-Archbridge,  different Steel-truss Bridges (in squared design,  arch-design, segmented, continuous designs….) Concrete Bridges

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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