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    There seem to be a number of very common cases where creating tracks just doesn’t work for some reason:

    • The game does not recognise track banking as a place that a tunnel can be placed, so if you have an existing track running high up on an embankment you don’t seem to be able to create a tunnel to route a track under it even if there’s room.
    • Joining a track to the inside of an existing track curve often just won’t snap, sometimes complaining that the curvature is too high for no apparent reason
    • When a track section is deleted the game will not allow new track to be extended from the free end of the track. In general, laying track anywhere you’ve deleted some previous track seems to be hugely problematic. I’ve had cases where I’ve had to delete tracks from a depot to the main line and then found that the game will not let me recreate them using any path that even remotely touches the old path of the line
    • ‘Doubled’ track will sometimes snap to the existing track and sometimes not.
    • Track sections where a junction can be created on one side of the track but not the other, but they look identical. This seems to be particularly problematic when the track lies just below ground level by a couple of feet, but there’s no consistency as to when this hapens
    • Extending two ends of track to meet each other works fine for most of the gap, but suddenly fails to allow the final snap over the last small section. Particularly problematic when extending bridges to an existing free track end.
    • Track tool complains of “collision” but without telling you anything at all about what it thinks the track is colliding with so that you can fix it.

    i have not come across any of these issues (except no. 1 which is probably due to that an embankment is likely not considered regular terrain and the game cannot create the tunnel shape into an embankment shape.)

    maybe you use too many very short pieces of track?


    “maybe you use too many very short pieces of track?”

    No, I tend to use as few pieces as possible and make them quite long. If you’re editing parts then invariably you will end up with some short pieces, but the game should be able to cope with this.

    When you’re adding track and junctions you don’t get any visible indication of track joins, so if that’s what’s preventing some of these things working then that needs to be changed. From a player’s perspective once I’ve laid out a whole section of track it shouldn’t matter if it’s stored as a set of different length splines (or whatever) – track is track and I want to be able to work with any part of it the same way as any other part.


    I have to agree with Morat, I’ve encountered all these issues except for the double track snapping thing. Sometimes when connecting two track endings doesn’t work by dragging from ending A to B, dragging from B to A works.


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