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    Whether we get planes or/and ships is dependent on the dev’s, but personally I will be quite happy with the transport that already exists, after all, the main emphasis is on trains, that’s why it is called Trainfever. If the other two transport vehicles become available, then that will satisfy those that would like to see it.

    I would prefer there to be the option of a sandbox mode, where you could make your own maps and set up your own scenarios. How this would work with the dynamics for expanding towns and cities, I have no idea.

    On the note of towns and cities, has anyone noticed any churches or cathedrals in any of the towns on the map, or do the people of these towns have no religion? I can’t recall having seen a church amongst any of the buildings, or have I not noticed them?

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    To be honest, as an atheist, I’m happy, that there are no churches in the cities.
    Religion should be kept out of games and the best would be, if it wouldn’t exist.


    Churches are simply part of towns in Europe, It doesnt have to imply any religion. Im for churches, plazas, squares and some other landmark bulding in the game as well. It will gie the towns more natural look and it could work as magnet for tourist.

    So agree with no  religion but also the game should include those structures.


    I wasn’t asking for your religious views Azrael, I just wanted to know if the towns had churches, because that is usually the norm, for every town in Europe and is part of the scene. I respect you being non religious, that is your choice.


    I think churches would be great, but not because of some religious views. I just think it would add to the city image, make it feel a bit more like a real town. So far there are only ordinary houses and parks/football pitches. That’s why I also push for harbors/airport – just another landmark for your buses/trains to serve. I would also like to see other landmarks like stadiums, hospital, malls, etc.


    Saying that churches (buildings with a destinct architectural style and very common in European towns) shouldn’t be in the game because you don’t like it is probably the stupidest comment I have ever read on this forum. It’s ridiculous that you even think that way.
    I’m actually for adding churches and cathedrals because they could really add a lot of variety to the towns.
    But how did we get here from boats/ships? This topic isn’t even about religion or landmarks…

    To get back on topic…
    How did you actually visualize ships in the game? Were you talking about very big ships that would go from one side of the world to the other and cruise ships or about small ships that sail down rivers.
    Because I can sort of get small ships that would go down rivers like it were the Rhine ‘Cause I actually visualized ocean liners…


    I could see a dock for drop off and pick up freight but mothing more. I dont want to see ships as a method of transport to other towns. Perhaps a passenger station for a cruise line.


    And others want to have this possibilities NeighborKid.
    As ships and planes wouldn’t be a necessity to build, you would still be able to play without them.
    The heck you even can play TF now without Trains, if you’d like, you can make money with freight transport by trucks and I guess, maybe even bus-networks between two cities would work.
    Can’t imagine, that anyone, who buys TF, would renounce trains but theoretically, it is possible.
    So when the devs call upon games like Transport Tycoon for inspiration, which had all 3 ways of transport, by land, sea and air, why renounce this heritage and don’t implement it?

    Not immediately, thats 4 sure, other things in near future are more important like thinking about a multiplayer or AI Companies for single player.
    But in the intermediate future, they imho should add atleast ships, in best case also planes but if that takes its extra time to develop, im fine with that.
    Like I said, if you don’t want to play with ships, just don’t use them and you’re fine and can stick with trains and trucks, while the people, who like ships and planes can have their fun with them.
    All players would be happy, problem solved => unnecessary to spread strife towards ships and/or planes.


    Hi Azreal,

    As long as the devs implement it right and realistic I will be glad with planes and ships too. I think the first focus for the devs should be optimization, development of more industrie chains and add more train/road vehicles.

    I would also love to see maglev and mono/metro railways. I think this will even suit better on Train Fever then the planes and ships since they are a big discussion at the moment.

    Can’t wait to play the game, pre-ordered a week ago. I saw too many YouTube videos drivin’me nuts! 😀



    Anyone know how much OpenTTD is in Train Fever?

    I know that Train Fever doesn’t have Air / Water transport .. hopefully will be implemented sometime in the future…

    I’m afraid that this game will be only eye candy without deep gameplay… If won’t surpass gameplay of OpenTTD then … i’ll be very sad.

    anyway ..  devs have my support .. I already bought the game on steam .. so hope for the best.


    openttd has been in development for a very long time. i hope we will see lots of further development in TF as well.

    how deep you view the gameplay also depends on what you see as gameplay. for me the track construction is a huge part of the gameplay, and TF is the first game of that kind that offers a realistic representation of that due to the terrain and gridless construction. its the first time that railroads will look like real railroads. to be honest i’ve never been interested in railroad tycoon or openttd at all, not because of missing eye-candy, but because i can’t stand grid based construction.


    I’m not against planes, I just don’t see the point of bothering to implement them.  If they were implemented correctly, they’d be a perpetual loss-maker, as they only make the remotest sense transporting over international/intercontinental distances.  Domestic flights between neighbouring towns never exactly turned into any kind of industry in the real world.

    Ships/boats are a mixed bag.  Earlier in the game, canals and cargo barges would actually make some sense, as that has some precident in reality… but also in reality, the collapse of that particular industry was caused by the rise of trains and motor-vehicles, so it would at best add some early flavour to the game in a similar way that the horse-and-cart does currently.

    Modern-day commuter-boats like the Thames Clipper make decent sense for Train Fever.  They’re still dwarfed by train and car travel, but at least it would be relevant on the scale the game deals with.  I’d gladly see those added, as I think it would add some nice extra character to the game.

    Large scale container shipping suffers the same issues as air travel… it only really makes sense on an international/intercontinental scale, where the relatively low speed is offset by the sheer vastness of the capacity.  It’s a scale of economy that wouldn’t make any sense inside the scope of a Train Fever map.


    The idea of having airports and shipping ports as game-generated industries seems a much better idea to me.  In the early 1900’s, you could start out with a bunch of scattered small airfields, and the ones you feed with services could gradually expand in a similar way to towns, until they turn into major international hubs.  In modern times, one or two major ports would require massive capacity passenger and cargo services to connect them to up to cities, and could be considered vital growth motivators.  The late game could end up with a significant focus on providing efficient international links.  It would also be rather neat to have maps with a section of coastline, along with some river estuaries/natural harbours/cliffs, etc.  Weaving train lines around the coast of a hilly map like Brunel did in South West England could be rather satisfying 🙂


    I agree that map is to small for Planes and there is no point of have freighter ships either ..


    You could build an International Airport which is connected to imaginary airports outside map…  if you create a good transportation service from airport to residental/commercial zones then a lot of passengers will use it .. and a lot of tourist will come to it, which you need to transport around your land 🙂 … same is for ships. Make a transport from factories to shipyards and back ..

    and also a lot of tourist would rather use slow tourist boat on some river than speed train… so you have another role for ships 🙂

    This feature would be great also in the future if multiplayer is implemented, so you could trade with other players via ships and planes.

    Something similar is implemented in cities xl…  I don’t know for you .. but planes / ships would enrich gaming experience and give trains more stuff to do 🙂


    Wouldn’t sign the comment, that the Freight Shipping industry is on the decline since there are railroads, otherwise the huge containerships nowadays wouldn’t exist.
    With map-size increase and some little changes, like I wrote, Ships and Planes can come to life but only in the intermediate future, in the near future, like Jonathan and I before have written, other things in the near future are more important like optimization, ai companies, multiplayer and so on.

    The point, why they should be implement is, that many of the players want planes and ships and Train Fever calls upon the inspiration of Transport Tycoon. Ships and Planes where there present, so they sould be ingame.
    And also, implementing both wouldn’t hurt the people, who don’t want both, no one forces you to use them.
    But spreading hate against both may lead to nonimplementation of both, that would hurt many people.
    So stop spreading hate against both, it is utterly useless.


    That comes back to the major difference between Train Fever and Transport Tycoon.

    Transport Tycoon could have planes and ships, specifically because it had a completely nonsensical and arbitrary definition of scale.  The distance from one side of the map to the other can vary from a few kilometers to a few hundred kilometers, depending on what you used as a reference.

    While Transport Tycoon is obviously a huge inspiration, one of the main ways that Train Fever departs from it is by having a consistent and reasonably realistic definition of scale.  That pretty much precludes meaningful air and sea transport, even if you somehow managed to increase the map size up to 64km.  Neither make much sense until you hit >500km or more.

    Also, stop throwing around the “hate” word.  Nobody is spreading hate.  The first thing I stated was that I’m not against them being implemented.  I’m just engaging in a meaningful discussion about the merits and drawbacks to it, and suggesting some cases where I personally feel it *would* make sense and fit within the scope of the game.  If you want planes and ships added into the game with no consideration for context, game balance or scope, then that’s where modders will surely cater to your wishes sooner or later.

    If you want the developers to add these things, it makes a lot more sense to actually give it some sensible consideration and tailor your suggestions to fit into the scope and style of the game, rather than sticking your fingers in your ears and trying to silence anyone that challenges your suggestions by telling everyone they’re spreading hate.

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