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    Getting really hooked on this game (simulation), making progress but one problem I’m finding even in a small scenario is finding lines when I need them.

    Is there an easy way for example to go directly to a line when the inevitable message crops up that ‘bus no: 7 is past its sell by date and needs replacing’? I find myself moving from town to town to find bus route No:nn, it would be nice to simply click on the ageing bus or tram in the popup and go directly to it.

    Also, is it possible to name the lines? This would help, if I knew the vehicle was on line ‘Luton01’ or other town name rather than line 16 for example.

    Currently I’m just keeping notes of line numbers and colours associated with locations until (hopefully), someone points out the obvious to me and tells me how to do it.

    Thanks in advance for any help and advice.




    I made my own system that works for me.     It is as follows.

    Intercity =   IC-B-City name-#  for instance it would read.   IC-B-HAR-1   That tells me it is intercity bus route 1 for Harwood.      I also use trams, that would read,  IC-T-HAR-1.      For city city I would use..   CC-TR-HAR-DOV-1  That would mean, City-City Train route 1 for Harwood to Dover.          FRT-R-G-HAR  would mean Freight Resource, goods going to Harwood.    FRT-R-O-1  would be Freight Resource Oil route 1.     Just find something that means something for you.

    It works for me.    As to the replacing issue, I solved it by having each of the vehicles being replaced every 5 years.   So, 1900 I replace all bus’s, 1905 all trams, 1910 all trains.     Every vehicle of that type gets replaced at the same time, saves time and headaches.   Note: I always replace any line when a new vehicle is on line.  🙂




    Most of these popups have in the upper left corner a tiny white circle with an X in it.

    Vehicle: If it is a vehicle the camera warps to where that vehicle is and sticks to the vehicle and you can ride with the vehicle.

    Line: The camera zooms back as much as necessary to view the entire line.


    I personally do not replace them when they get old. I build more lines instead earning more money compensating for the old/bad vehicles. I replace them later and then I replace all like …

    1) Check the current lines frequency value.

    2) order all vehicles to depot and sell

    3) buy a bunch of new vehicles, launch them, and keep buying till you get the same frequency value.


    Problem is when you replace vehicles doing 50 kph with vehicles doing 100 kph. The new vehicles bunch up behind the last of the old vehicles coming in because vehicles in this game do not know how to overtake slow vehicles. This may result in you buying to many of the new ones.

    There is a solution though. When you order all vehicles to go to depot and be sold they go to the nearest depot they can find.

    So at least on easy mode you can afford to place some extra depots to get the old vehicles out of the way faster.


    I don’t like micromanagment and mouse click fests. You should be able to specify the lines standard vehicle. And when you change the standard vehicle the game should bring the old ones in sell them and buy new ones until the line has same transport capacity as before the upgrade.

    Another thing I do not like about “go to depot” or “go to depot and sell” is that to me it seems that they just drop everything and go to depot.

    They can do that if they are empty. But if they carry valuable goods they could at least finnish the last leg, empty and get paid. If you have a long distance line with a lot of vehicles and they just drop everything it is a lot of revenue lost.

    So on long lines I manually bring in the vehicles that are empty. It is a click fest. They need to automate this and have trigger values how worn down a vehicle should be before replacing with an exact copy. I want to focus on management things not sit and click.



    What i do is for example this:

    After i created a busline in the town Beverley, i name that Beverley Bus. When i make a trainline i call it Beverley-London line. Or the other way around. This way i have them all sorted by name.  I try to use the cityname where most lines will end up first. So in this example my main hub is Beverely. Same with cargo. In example i have 1 line hauling wood and brings it to the mill. I call that Woodline 1. Then the line from the mill to the city i call Products 1.  With new lines i change the number to Woodline 2, Woodline 3 etc.

    Edit: i missed your text where you asked if it was possible to rename then, yes you can. Click on the pencil when you are in line-building mode

    Now, what you might have missed is that when you get a message of a bus or whatever that reached end of it’s live, click on that so a new window will open. On that new window you see a sort of dot on the top left corner. If you click on it it will centre the map to this vehicle. Now, check what line he drives, open your lines-window and press the Dollar sign on the right to send all vehicles to the depot and autosell them. In the meantime buy some new vehicles.

    Note: That is what i do when i bought all vehicles of that line at the same time. If you later added newer cars to that line then it’s more of puzzle to find out which one is old and which one not. So i try to just buy around 10-12 vehicles at the same time, even when i just started out a new line, they will turn into profit pretty quick and in that way i can change them in 1 go.

    One other note: It can be handy when you have the lines window opened to click on the Seeable Only (or whatever it’s called). This way when you hover over a city you will only see the lines that you can see on your map. When you get further in the game and have dozens of lines it makes it more clear what you are looking at.


    Edit:  One more tip:

    On the left side below in your screen you can click on vehicles, the window that opens you can sort on age of the vehicles. So i normally check that every 15 minutes or so to make sure i replace them when things run as they run. I always hate it when i build a new line to get pop ups about old vehicles.

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    Actually I use this strategy:




    CargoRail (1,2,3,4,5…) (goods)


    (city name) – (city name)




    Schnellbus (1,2,3,4,5…) for long distance bus

    (name of the city) (1,2,3,4,5…) for local bus


    (name of the city) (1,2,3,4,5…) for local trams

    Interurban (1,2,3,4,5…) for intercity trams.




    I had to restart my game since i accidently removed my previous saved game, but these are the things the guy above me and i spoke about, that white circle to lock on your vehicles and follow them, and the filter Visual Only to see only the lines you can see what you are watching at:
    Edit: No idea why these pics are so deformed 😀

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    Thanks for all the help and advice guys (and gals)? I can now rename my routes / lines, makes life easier, also picked up a few more useful ideas from you all.



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