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    I started the Game on my mac book (4 GB RAM) the first one and the menu workd. I created a new map, it loaded, the game started, I see the game, but it was freeze. I can’t do anything and I must quit the game manual. By the 2. and 3. try,  it was the same. What can I do ?


    After the update to build 4519 I get immediate crash of the game when I start a new game or load a save file. There is no error messages displayed (no mac crash report), but in the local steam directories .dmp-files are generated. I only see the main menu and the progress bar up to 100%.

    Game is not playable!


    MinidumpCallback: dumpPath “[…]”, minidumpId “3ADF5DB9-A0D3-4F1E-8841-DEE6E28556CB”, succeeded 1

    local time is Sun Oct 19 11:11:43 2014


    Same here – unplayable – freezes, lags, crashes

    I dont’ know if its a problem of build 4519 or the fact that I’ve updated my system to OS X 10.10

    System: MacBook Pro Retina 15″ i7, 16GB, Geforce GT 650M 1 GiB




    I have been getting the same problem since this update and I’m using Ubuntu Linux 64bit on a core2 duo 2GB with Geforce GT640 2GB.  Mostly I can’t even load my old save games – hangs after bar gets to 100%, and crashes right after making new map if choose new game.


    The game freezes solid on my 2012 Macbook Pro Retina.

    Works on Windows 7 in Bootcamp but will not WORK AT ALL on Mac OS X.  I’ve never been able to get it to work.


    We’ve found an incompatibility regarding Max OSX 10.10, this will be fixed in the next patch.

    If you don’t have OSX 10.10, let us know your steam display name.



    Are there any updates on this issue? Im frequently getting lockups on the current build of TF while playing on my retina MBP (Mid 2014) running 10.10.3, as it freezes the entire OS and requires a force shutdown via power button!

    It happens mostly around autosaves, but sometimes will also happen for no obvious reasons.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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