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    I bought the game via MacGameStore and somehow they are not very prone to update it to any latest (the build that is in their store is 6219). I contacted MGS support about update. But they mention “sometimes we update games, maybe, possibly”.

    So… what could be other way to get the latest? Steam and GOG has it.


    I use Steam, all games are updated immediately an update is released.

    Sounds like MacGameStore are rubbish!


    Why did you decide to buy from MGS?

    I play on both Mac & Windows and still I usually only buy from Steam or hard-copy.


    Well, I got a couple of games via MGS while ago and one was updated once or so, just to be fair. TF was on sale there, no extra accounts needed, so that was easy shot. and besides I just learned about TF from MGS newsletter. But now stranded.

    As I see inside game it is actually GOG version (judging by GOGLauncher file).

    Pity that there are no standalone updater as it was usually in good old days as I see. But at the other hand… how would you update it if you got a hard copy? Hm.


    It was finally updated at MGS yesterday. Maybe my nagging helped 🙂


    In fact we double checked if everything was submitted to MGS correctly after reading this post (turns out: yes, it was! ;))

    With MGS unfortunately it can just take some time until they implement updates.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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