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    I am currently in 2032 with a medium map and have quite a few big towns, with my “capital” about 1250 population.  Upto about year 2000 performance was very good even with all settings maxed however it’s since become very choppy to the point it’s almost unplayable and I think I will have to abandon the game and start a new one.  I have a new computer which I bought specifically for playing  TF as my old one was not up-to the job (it was 5 years old).  The machine cost about 1000 euro so it’s not a cheap one and I have a quad core i7 CPU and Nvidia GeForce 860M GFX.

    I tried reducing the graphics settings, turning off HDR, reflections/shadows etc which did not seem to do much to help making me think my GFX is not the problem.  According to windows task manager CPU usage is under 20% and I still have 4GB of RAM free so I have no idea what is causing the slowness.

    Many thanks for sorting this.  I will look forward to being able to play with big cities.



    Performance is one of our top issues to be solved.We’re working on performance optimization in the near future.There’s always potential to get some more fps and we’re trying to get it better with every update


    Thanks for chiming in… Good to hear it is a top issue, the game is fantastic in my opinion, aside from late game performance that is. 


    Same weird performance issues with my GTX 970. Only 33% of the card is being used, and temps are around 42 degrees. So nowhere near full utilization of the power of the videocard.


    I just noticed a small patch and loaded a 2014 savegame. Same issues persist.

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    According to the news….

    As a next step, we focus on performance improvements. We are aware that some players experience performance problems especially with medium and large maps. We are confident that we can deliver a major performance update soon.


    Fingers crossed for the next patch.

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    @FX2K: If you deleted all your lines and vehicles that would just mean there were even more cars around since 1 bus takes more than 1 passenger.





    The point was, it made no difference.  No better, no worse.

    Just like the graphics settings make no difference…. yet looking at an empty field gives me extremely high FPS, looking at a city very low FPS..   Open the lines menu, -20fps.  Open a vehicle popup, -10fps.  Late game its just no fun anymore with an average of between 10-20fps around the areas of interest.

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    229 Hours of Gameplay and yes i found out a way to stop the traffic jam………….so it seems to be that the cars are not the biggest lag issue 🙂

    1. upgrade all Streets in town to Maximum size with bus and tram line

    2. try to get above 70% linefrequency passengers

    3. enjoy the reduced traffic

    4. tested in Citys with up to 1400 people with tram lines from town to town with

    Town A to B with 20 Trams and the same in the other direction from B to A with 20 Trams (6Stations per town in a circle spreaded around the citycenter)

    5. negative Points it will be laggy sooner or later :-) and you have to spend a lot of Money for City micromanagement

    greetings Markus

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    ToxX InFlames

    Dear Developers,


    /*rant on*/

    maybe you invented a new game-genre:


    It just feels a little like Banana-Software: gets ripe at the customer…

    /*rant off*/


    Nevertheless, Rome hasn’t been built in one day and without further due let’s be more constructive:

    I get the distinct feeling that most of the stutters appear during a “waypoint-update” of the agents.

    One solution to improve this possibility could be that agents update city after city, not all at once.

    And also the algorithm used for wayfinding can be a reason for these fps-drops.

    For the vehicles a simple “if track is blocked, search for nearest empty track at destination. If not found, repeat till all tracks at destination are checked. If all full, sleep until one vehicle exits a blocked track”  can be very helpful. Also queueing at stations would be nice, like first come, first served.

    Agents should just use vehicles as means of transport… agents go in and go out. Wayfinding should just be necessary between stations for transit and between start (home, work, recreation, consume) and station and between station and goal (home, work, recreation, consume). As a result only vehicles plus “walking” pedestrians/cargo need to update their paths; as soon as agents enter a station, no more update in wayfinding is needed for them, only the 20min-timer should continue. Maybe “chunking” the path could also be a solution (binary-sort-like, just a crazy idea…).

    But imho a even better idea is that only _one_ pathsearch at the start of a trip of one agent should be done; the result should an array like: start at U, goto station X, use lane Y, exit at station Z, walk to station W, use lane T, exit at station S, walk to house R, done.You could also give crossings node-ids, which can be used like stations. Then it is …, walk to crossing Y, walk to crossing Z, walk to station W, … ; As a result you only have to check once a second if they have reached their target in the array. And sifting through an array should be faster than waypoint-calculation.
    Granted, if a better path is developed by the gamer during one trip the agent does not use it immediately . But then again, you can sell it as: agent plans ahead and checks for better alternatives only at the start of one trip or if a path disappeared. And if the player destroys one path: is it the agents fault? So no money for the player… Or would you like to pay your public transport if they get you stranded somewhere or detour you around a block? Solution for destroyed lanes could be: if one path is no longer available: calculate new path to destination; if none exists, go home.

    Long “bla” short, if not done already:

    Separate wayfinding for agents and vehicles

    Agents use vehicles as means of transport; while on vehicle, no waypoint-update necessary.

    Vehicles use independent wayfinding with possibility to use multiple (fastest) paths if one is blocked.

    Calculate path only at start of a journey; use saved waypoints for travel. (imho the best improvement in calculation-time)

    Update paths not all at once.

    Even if you don’t/can’t implement it because of limitations or restaints we all are unaware off, maybe a little inspiration has come out of it 🙂


    Sincerely  and best wishes,

    ToxX InFlames


    PS: one crazy idea just came to mind: do you use the visualization of the paths for all agents to walk along, without painting it on screen, but they are there, invisible (Z-buffered) like the cargo-“passengers”??? Because the most severe framedrops happen when turning the camera in follow-mode of a vehicle and turning the camera horizontally towards cities in the distant. Please, don’t use Z-Buffers for paths: even if they are not painted, they are still calculated…

    ToxX InFlames


    In other threads people have made similar observations and also their conclusions are not too far off from mine 🙂

    I just sifted through my personal books and found a little suggestion for reading: Kurt Mehlhorn and Peter Sanders – Algorithms and Data Structures; Chapters 3, 6, 8 to 12

    This book is more of a mathematical approach to Algorithms and Data Structures but it helped me in improving a code from runtime over 2 hours (aborted, 32GB weren’t enough)!!! and a Big-O complexity K to the power of N to a much better code that ran in under one second with Big-O of K times N log N (and suddenly 256MB were more than enough, btw), because I made some naive decisions in my first code.

    Thanks and best of coding 🙂 (luck is somewhat unpredictable)


    After updating the game, I opened one of my more recent saves to see how it performed..

    FPS was sitting around 15.. I zoomed out and experienced the first crash I have ever had in TF 🙁
    Performance seemed very similar to the previous build ?!?

    Just thought I would let you know, it was only a quick test after all.

    I will re-install, remove all mods and start a fresh game to see how it goes on, it may after all be a mod at fault this time around…..  I will let you know.

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    Disregard for now, I will report back with more info soon… I think remnants of a mod was left in place causing the crash.

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    I just posted similar as a response in another thread, but thought I would update my topic with the same info and a few edits..

    I started a new game yesterday in 1900 without mods, clean install (crashing was a mod) and a medium map  to test the performance, I have just hit 1970.

    The performance has improved massively in numerous areas such as:

    • Lines menu no longer drops 1/2 the fps –  a major difference in playability right here…
    • Following a vehicle no longer drops 20fps – I tend to do this a lot
    • Rotating the camera is much smoother
    • Zooming in and out is much smoother
    • Viewing the horizon has less of an impact.

    Still some issues in these areas:

    • When the vehicle needs replacing notice comes up, guessing due to the PIP it lags
    • When buying multiple new vehicles, it lags (again due to PIP I’m guessing) But I pause at this point anyway.

    So far, it appears to be vastly improved although I still see regular drops to between 15 – 25 in various areas / views but the above changes have made a massive difference for me making it much more playable.. its not perfect but Its also not unplayable (at this point).  Even with the FPS drops, it still feels smoother until it drops to a point where the cursor is affected.

    All previous tests where done on small maps, since the performance was terrible on anything bigger.. since this game is using a medium map, I would expect small to perform even better.

    Ill update again once I hit around 2020 in game.

    P.S  Thank you for the numerous improvements, ongoing development and animated signals *YAY*

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