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    Download here

    The Train Fever Game Manager (TFGM) doesn’t only manage your mods, it also allows you to edit the Train Fever settings without reading any Lua code. It allows you to bind keys not usually available by simple ASCII codes, such as your multimedia keys or numpad keys.

    • TFGM support both GOG and Steam versions of Train Fever
    • Install mods easily with a simple drag and drop of a single or multiple mod archives
    • Supports TF official mod format and TFGM.lua, TFMM.ini or bare mod archives
    • Create backups of your res folder for quick and easy rollback (only for legacy mods)
    • Open the music-, screenshot-, game saves- and Train Fever folders with an easy click of a button
    • Launch, restart and terminate Train Fever from TFGM (not on Windows 8)
    • Built in Lua script engine with extended Lua commands
    • Categorize mods (tag system)
    • A 40 page PDF user manual accessible from TFGM
    • Direct links to Train Fever’s Steam groups
    • Direct links to Train Fever’s GOG groups
    • Mod description in multiple languages
    • Built in machine translation of description text
    • A restore point is automatically created when a mod is enabled (only for legacy mods)
    • Vehicle browser with vehicle data.
    • Vehicle timeline view.

    Modders can create rich mod support for TFGM such as…

    • Link the mod to their Steam profile.
    • Providing a screenshot to be displayed in with the mod.
    • A mod can have several authors and profiles displayed (good for collaborative mods).
    • TFGM event handlers can be written in Lua and included in the mod to be executed automatically when a mod is enabled/disabled (only for legacy mods)
    • Add items to a mod’s context menu (popup menu) to call a Lua function or start the default program for a file type (only for legacy mods)

    Known issues
    I’m not expecting things to run flawless so please report problems to me.

    • The built in TF Launch function might not work on Windows 8 system. Start TF as usual from GOG or Steam instead.
    • Script execution generates runtime error on some installations (one case reported)
    • Uninstalling an enabled mod, leaves it enabled.
    • Only Zip archives are supported.

    Currently in development
    This is what I’m currently working on.

    The development progress has moved to Trello

    • RAR archive support. A quick fix that automatically repack RAR to ZIP before import. When I get more time the internal structure will be redesigned a bit so more archive formats can be added with less hustle.
    • Looking into different install locations.
    • Looking into multiple Steam accounts.
    • RAR support without ZIP conversion
    • Fix UTF8 handling in tff.ini and tfgm.lua.
    • Auto execute script on enable / disable
    • User defined tags
    • Vehicle manager
    • Timeline view


    The RedKing

    Is this going to be a replacement for TFMM?

    I see it only opens .zip files. 🙁 Will .rar be supported in the future?


    @The RedKing
    I see that I didn’t finish the post, it was very late for me and I almost fell asleep when posting 😛 Thank you for posting the link.(why can’t I edit my own post?!?)

    My intention was never to replace TFMM, I simply wanted a tool that was handy for my own needs.
    Other archive formats are on the to-do list but I want this version to be stable first.


    Alright, I got some help to find the edit button. I have updated the first post with a link.


    I like the restore points for the game. This way you can have different version with different mods for different saved games. I can see that coming in handy a lot. And there are some good feature in this that I like. 🙂

    I can see something being a problem tho. I added a mod and activated it. I then removed it without deactivating it just to see what happened. I had to remove the mod manually after doing that and that sucked having to do it. I think you might want to add something to that so the mod is not uninstalled without being deactivated. I think this will cause problems for people if they don’t know what to do.

    Oh yeah, I also like that it’s not in German like the rest of TF programs are. Thanks for making it in english. 😀


    Yes, the uninstall without deactivating a mod is mentioned in the 40 page PDF manual 😉
    There will also be an issue if you rollback a full backup with a different set of mods activated. The backup works fine but the mod’s status will be out of synch. This is also one of the things on the list.

    I didn’t check if the mod was disabled before uninstall intentionally because I needed to clean up sometimes when the mods came out of synch. I can tighten that up and improve the repair function instead.

    I usually keep a full backup of a clean TF so I can rollback everything to a clean install.

    Well, since I don’t speak German it was only natural to make it in English 😛

    I’m glad you like it…


    New version out with a quick fix to import / install RAR archives.


    New version with a minor update for RAR support and logfiles.


    Oh, a non-German speaking modder. Awesome. that’s cool because there are a couple things I like on the German site but can’t use them fully because I don’t understand the language. TFedit is one and the converter is the other. I can use them but only sparingly.

    Thanks for the .rar support buy I don’t like it because it converts my .rar files to .zip and leaves the .zip files on my drives. This is not good because it doubles the the files I install and takes up more space this way. I have plenty of space but don’t like .zip files nor do I like having double files that I install. I’ll just have to wait until you get better .rar support because I only use .rar files and refuse to use .zip files because of how Windows displays them as folders. That is very annoying to me and the trick to disable it doesn’t work.


    As the description say, it is a quick fix and will remain like this until I have fixed the issues with multiple accounts and different Steam Client vs Game Library folders.


    Oh, my bad, sorry. I didn’t realize that. That’s cool. I honestly only tried it just to try it for now. I haven’t really played the game in a while and only have a couple mods installed. I basically only start the game to test a mod or something I’m working on until they do something about the cargo in the game.

    I’m curious, tho, about the Steam support. Not saying anything bad about it but what is the use of it? I don’t see how knowing a persons Steam ID is useful. I’m obviously missing something. Or is it just to identify the creator of the mod?

    EDIT: I read the manual you made for this. Very nice. I found a couple typos but mainly was well written and very helpful. Thank you.


    The local Steam details are vital to find TF screenshots, game save and settings on your local TF installation.

    Modders can, if they which, link their mod to their steam profile. The Avatar picture will then be shown in TFGM together with a link to the profile. This can be used to contact the author(s) of the mod. The modders Steam ID is used to find his Avatar picture and profile page.

    I’m not surprised if you found some typos, English isn’t my native language 😉


    New version that hopefully fixes the multiple account issue and non default Steam library location. Let me know if it works.


    New update. I’m sorry for the massive amount of updates. I had simply forgot to take care of some cases where files where missing in the Steam Client.

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