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    Hi, as said above.. is there any way to upgrade a Train Station? You know adding more platforms for example.

    I don’t know if i’m just being stupid but i can’t seem to find a way.

    I really like this game but IF it should really not be possible to do this i would be really dissapointed for it may be a small but nonetheless an important feature.



    I can’t currently find a way to do this without deleting the station and re-adding a larger one. You can add another station and group them into one logical station, but this could give you a road connection issue.


    Ive had this myself aswell. I tried alot of things, but they didnt work. I had to remove my station and rebuild roads and railroads to fit the bigger railwaystation.


    Tho its possible to upgrade roads and easy to add railways to an existing part, there apparently is no way of easily adding a platform to a station.


    It has alrdy been noted by the devs, station upgrading by clicking a button will come.
    Right now you need to tear down the old one und build the new one, but as long, as you do it in the PAUSED game, there will be no problem, since the lines, locomotives etc recognize the new station as replacement for the old one, a really nice job the devs did here.


    Upon reflection, it’s now been two years since the last post, and it definitely seems like this is not to come. They’ve moved even these kinds of usability improvements, which the game really needs in many places to be playable, into their next game, and are charging full price for it. I’d very much have liked to see an update still to Train Fever as well, with the usability improvements from the next game.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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