Crowd funding campaign started!

Today, we started a crowd funding campaign on With a budget of €300,000 we want to finance the final year of development. We target to release the game in the beginning of 2014.

On the project site you get information about the game, market, sales and finance.

With Gambitious, you can invest in Train Fever and participate in the sales revenue.

Support an innovative and refreshing new development in the transport simulation genre!

The current state was mainly achieved by ideational and unpaid work of the motivated team members and minor financial investments into the work environment. In order to produce the final release, a professional work environment is indispensable.

“Gambitious is the first professional crowdfunding platform exclusively dedicated to the games industry. Gambitious was founded to help independent game developers and publishers attract the funding they need to complete projects and bring them to market.”

2 thoughts on “Crowd funding campaign started!

  1. I cant invest right now. The button is still inactive though there’s already one investor.

    • Unfortunately there is a problem on the Gambitious site. This should be fixed very soon.

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