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Yeah I totally missed the fact that I didn’t have any money when I terraformed – I figured it was a mouse issue like I’ve had with a few other tools, where the clicking just isn’t registered by the game until I change to a different tool and back.

Yes – The clusterfudge junction. That one was a lot of fun to just poke at with a hammer and see how much I could mess around without deleting existing rails before the game would give me gridlocks. Of course it wasn’t designed to carry that many trains initially and because of the lack of money, I couldn’t really start over with new bridges right away. They’ll definitely be redesigned once the budget recovers. 🙂

I had to focus on one thing at a time to reduce that budget bleed. The passenger train running with empty cars was the cheapest and obvious choice – of course the repeating gridlock didn’t help there either. I expect the next session will involve a lot of old vehicle replacements too, since I have a lot of vehicles that are drawing upwards of a +60-70% maintenance penalty at this point.