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    Managed to pull myself away from the dev stream for long enough to get another session in tonight. Couple of crashes and a budget draining gridlock with a bunch of trains – It was not a boring evening. (It’ll take some time to process for HD and some minor cropping at the beginning of the stream)

    Traian Trante

    Excelent videos, Mansen, i liked them a lot !


    Hi,  again!  I have just watched your video and I came to give some tips about things I noticed in it because I want to be a helpfull person.

    1st – I hope you will laugh at this one – to terraform you need money 😀

    2nd – It’s a bit lenghty and will be about designing entrances to lines hubs in a way that will prevent gridlocks.

    3rd – You can increase hub bandwidth by creating shortcuts between neighbouring lines like this:

    There is a rule about placing signals that should be remembered and abided by:

    Signals should never be put on a single track part of line with the exception of placing a signal on the exit from the track that is end of line:


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    Yeah I totally missed the fact that I didn’t have any money when I terraformed – I figured it was a mouse issue like I’ve had with a few other tools, where the clicking just isn’t registered by the game until I change to a different tool and back.

    Yes – The clusterfudge junction. That one was a lot of fun to just poke at with a hammer and see how much I could mess around without deleting existing rails before the game would give me gridlocks. Of course it wasn’t designed to carry that many trains initially and because of the lack of money, I couldn’t really start over with new bridges right away. They’ll definitely be redesigned once the budget recovers. 🙂

    I had to focus on one thing at a time to reduce that budget bleed. The passenger train running with empty cars was the cheapest and obvious choice – of course the repeating gridlock didn’t help there either. I expect the next session will involve a lot of old vehicle replacements too, since I have a lot of vehicles that are drawing upwards of a +60-70% maintenance penalty at this point.


    Yeah, yeah I saw all that 😀 Can’t wait for the next video! Also I wish Train Fever was available on piratebay because I can’t wait!!!


    Regarding the crashes. You seem to be doing hell of a lot of building all at once. I think if you save more often, this will prevent crashing. When building routes in Microsoft Train Simulator, you can get many crashes by building too much in one session without saving. The best way is to save little and often. That way you won’t loose any work you have done over say half an hour.

    Regarding the rail connections in the video, I think they could be tidied up a bit, it is beginning to look like a knitting plan gone wrong (just meant to be pun, not critical lol)

    Interesting to watch though. Regarding all the windows, you keep opening in the interface, there seems to be no end of them. It’s going to take some while to find out what does what?

    Will there be any tutorials in the release version, to explain how everything works?


    The game autosaves every year – That’s more than often enough for my needs. The crashes are going to happen no matter how often I save – Sure I could load the game every few autosaves or straight up close the game to clear any possible memory leaks and such, but that’s a good couple of minutes of waiting every time. Might as well show it as it is – Usually when I play games like these I’m going to play it in one sitting anyway.

    There’s not a lot of windows as such – Or rather it’s the same windows I keep reopening. You’ve got a few primary ones you keep going back to.

    • Budget (To check on the finances and lend/repay loans)
    • Lines (This is where you organize all of your lines, make new ones and check up on existing ones and replace vehicles from)
    • The build window (Well it’s a docked menu technically) Where you do all of your building and demolishing.

    Aside from that the game just opens a vehicle window for each vehicle you purchase – This is an old remnant from the TTD days I suppose. You won’t really need it most of the time since the depots can simply assign all parked vehicles to the same line instantly (Leaving me to have to close six vehicle windows on top of each other)

    Not sure about a tutorial as such, but I imagine there’s going to be a digital manual as well as a plethora of Guides on the forums (and Steam) as well as plenty of “how to” videos from experienced players.



    Thank you Mansen for answering all of my questions. The auto save each year that passes, seems a good idea. I’ve pre ordered mine digitallty through Steam, so like you say, there should be a digital manual that could probably be printed off, so that you have a hard copy to refer to. Even boxed games don’t come with a manual these days, just a digital version on the CD/DVD.

    It sure looks an interesting game though. Sort of CIM + TTC rolled into one, with much better building techniques, rather than the grid type building pattern, where everything is built in straight orl diagonal lines. Pity I am away on holiday the day it is released and I won’t have my laptop with me. So I will just have to wait until I get back before I can download the game.

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    Hey, Mansen!  Could you maybe conduct an experiment for me?

    The experiment I want you to conduct goes like this:

    1.  Experiment preparation – build the usual setup: 2 towns, train line between them, circular bus lines one in each of them, setup all the vehicles and trains to run but don’t let them run yet. Pause the game and save it to unique file.
    2. First part – load the save, start vehicles and trains, let it run for 10 years, note the profits of each line every year, then reload the save and repeat this procedure a couple of times.
    3. Second part – load the save, to each town add another circular bus line that goes in exactly oposite direction through the same stops and has same number of vehicles like the previous ones. Save it to another unique file. Load new save, let everything run for 10 years noting profits each year. Repeat it a couple of times.
    4. Post the results here.

    What do you say?


    So basically you want to test whether or not a “two way” ring line is worth the investment? Sure I can do that – I’m interested to see the result as well.

    Of course you’ll need bus stops on both sides of the road – This isn’t always possible in every place so I may have to get a little creative at some places in town.


    (again with the no edit feature :P)

    Turns out there are a lot more variables in play than just those. You need to keep industrial growth from goods deliveries and such into account, as well as demand for more/longer trains.

    I tried generated a map with two roughly evenly sized cities within a reasonable train distance along the river, which took a few tries. Ran both scenarios for about ten years (I forgot to take yearly budgets for specific numbers), and “reverse” bus lines are not entirely useless, but probably more suited for a “five years in” addition to catch the last people for the train line.

    Train income (Two trains with 3 cars each – was too little for the later years because of a bit of AI growth)

    ~400-700K (The pass loop wasn’t 100% consistent as to be expected)

    Bus lines (Larger Town)

    50-60K and 40-50K for each direction (Income was a bit higher with just one line, but the second line caught up in a few years)

    Bus Lines (Smaller Town – It had about 3 stops less and was much more compact. Harder to get people take the lines)

    20-35K and 15-20K for each direction.


    Did you record it maybe on video? I was actually interested how it would affect passenger traffic on the train line too because I would expect more rapid growth on the train line with bi-directional rings.


    No it was just a quick hands off thing while I made dinner 🙂


    Hey, could you maybe test in game how much a city can grow?


    Hi Manson,

    I just want to say thank you for your video uploads. I am eager to get my copy when it comes out and try a lot of things, but in the meantime I have been playing the game via your videos.

    It is interesting seeing the new features with each new release and amusing hearing your commentary when things don’t go quite right 🙂

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