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The game autosaves every year – That’s more than often enough for my needs. The crashes are going to happen no matter how often I save – Sure I could load the game every few autosaves or straight up close the game to clear any possible memory leaks and such, but that’s a good couple of minutes of waiting every time. Might as well show it as it is – Usually when I play games like these I’m going to play it in one sitting anyway.

There’s not a lot of windows as such – Or rather it’s the same windows I keep reopening. You’ve got a few primary ones you keep going back to.

  • Budget (To check on the finances and lend/repay loans)
  • Lines (This is where you organize all of your lines, make new ones and check up on existing ones and replace vehicles from)
  • The build window (Well it’s a docked menu technically) Where you do all of your building and demolishing.

Aside from that the game just opens a vehicle window for each vehicle you purchase – This is an old remnant from the TTD days I suppose. You won’t really need it most of the time since the depots can simply assign all parked vehicles to the same line instantly (Leaving me to have to close six vehicle windows on top of each other)

Not sure about a tutorial as such, but I imagine there’s going to be a digital manual as well as a plethora of Guides on the forums (and Steam) as well as plenty of “how to” videos from experienced players.