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Don’t i know it… ;-) Not that i know much about Cornwall ( Very beautiful ! I ‘know’ it mostly from Inspector Wycliffe and the Coast series, must be wonderful to live there  😉 

Lol Cornwall LOOKs nice, but is by no means a nice place to live, hence why I left. Lol nice to visit, but if you wanna live there, you need to be loaded! And live with the fact, that all summer, you can’t enjoy any of the things you moved there for, cos its too damn busy! Lol all the beach car parks are full, beaches are packed. Heck, I couldn’t even take the dogs to the woods cos that carpark was full too. Lol Cornwall actually NEEDS its railways back, because the towns and roads just can’t cope with the traffic. In the winter, my drive to work would take 7 minutes. In the summer, it could take up to 30!…. I lived 2 miles away. Lol


Anyhoo, back to TF. Your start looks pretty good so far. Though I did see a train with no cartridges on your tempe-anheim line. Lol


Also, you should keep auto replace for horses off until you get trucks. Because your horses will get old just before new trucks come out, then be replaced, only to really need replacing again, because they’re too slow.


I’ve still not got past 1956… Not for going bankrupt, but out of bordem. Usually by then I have every city connected by rail. And a few select industries at near Max output.

That no main connection mod allows you to delete all roads… It’s what I use cos the main connection detection is still buggy. You can build 10 bypasses, but still not be aloud to delete the 200 year old dirt track.Lol and in some cases, not be able to upgrade a raod cos of a ‘not enough space’ error, when there is in fact, loads of space. Lol