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    The main problem with is I can think of is the actual game engine itself. Have you ever tried upgrading your towns roads to larger four lane ones? How many times won’t it let you because of ‘terrain / collision error’ ? I simply don’t think it would work very well here at all. In CIM2, Simcity, etc. you are playing in a fixed time period and you can plan your layout but here, the town has been evolving from a little village since the 1800’s. Can you imagine the difficulties in changing a normal road to a six lane wide avenue? (4 car lanes and 2 center tram lanes) Even the standard 4 lane width (2 tram, 2 car) ould be hard as the standard road cannot be upgraded to 4 lanes most of the time, unless of course, youre happy to buldoze those nice big buildings in your town center.

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    Hi again

    I had issues with this before, but now I dont have that. But there are strange errors like sometimes I cant remove my depots even if there aren’t any vehicle inside them. The game just says that there still a vehicle inside.

    In Cities In Motion 2 the city evolves when you build. That game is actually quite similar to Train Fever except for that you can build avenues and choose which lanes of the street can have tram tracks or not. When you build, the city gets bigger and bigger. Train Fever is more focus on years, but thats the only difference.

    Both in Cities In Motion 2 and Train Fever you lay lines and routes. In Cities in Motion 2 you have timetables though for every tram, buss, trolley and metro line. The trams in the game can also use the metro tracks and act as tram train but cannot use Metro stations. Cities In Motion 2 also got bus lanes. The trams can run on streets, on avenues and on only pedestrian made streets without cars. This makes the public transportation.

    Cities In Motion 2 is also one of the few games with trolley busses.. which you have to build. Their newest Cities Skylines have completely ignored trams and focuses only on cars which does pollute. I think that game developers of such games like this should teach the gamers about how better trams is vs busses is and that trams should be essential. The newest SimCity got tram avenues even.

    Please add Avenues or fix the buss lanes Train Fever developers. Please. Important for such great game! I love Train Fever… I rather pay for a Avenue pack for you rather than buying Cities Skylines for sure.


    Here is a list about why Avenues should be included:

    + tramtracks in the middle of the street
    + trams can stop on a station without making huge traffic jams
    + busses wont stand behind trams
    + tram jams wont affect busses or cars!

    So please do add them. How much do I need to pay you to get this? I love Train Fever!..


    Please stop suggesting you’d pay for it, it would be a nice addition I grant you but everything else UG has done to this so far has been rushed, half arsed and broken.

    As for comparing TF with CIM2, there are some reasonable comparisons. Both are transport sims, where the town/city growth is influenced by your road and rail transportation. However, I see them as different still, CIM2 is much more of an urban ‘commuter based’ transport sim, focused very much on timetable planning, local routes, bus, tram, trolly, subway but no long distance trains (the subway doubles as a metro system).

    TF however is more about connecting towns/cities with long distance travel, hence the focus is clearly on the rail side. The buses and trams serve only to get the people to and from the intercity rail stations and they do it in a very simplistic way with only the amount of vehicle used having any effect on some kind of timetable. Once that frequency is set, they run constantly, in a never ending daylight world that never slows down to sleep, takes time off at weekends or even has a morning and evening rush like the real world.

    What youre asking for is interesting and I hope things you have suggested will be in ‘Train Fever II’, if there is one. However, this game is more about the long distance connections, rather than the inner city ones. It’s called Train Fever, not Transport Fever.

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