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    I’ve got a Dell laptop, which has all the requirements necessary for the game, except for my graphic card which is the “Intel HD Graphics (i5)”, i have previously played cities in motion 2 (which had the same requirements).

    But the game sadly won’t start, it says there is an OpenGL context creation fail, i already have tried to dowload the latest drivers to the graphic (as recommended) but still no change:/

    Any suggestions or any updates plan for these kind of problems?


    Both of the links cant’t help me.

    My GTX 760 is activated and not the IGPU.

    It’s really frustrating that the game doesnt work.

    If i click on “play” Steam opens “Steam Update News” but that’s it.


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    Well, I reinstalled Steam.

    Now it works.

    I dont know why, but it doesn’t matter. 😀


    great 🙂  I love it when a plan comes together. 😉


    I have another weird problem on Steam!

    When the little Window appears that “Train Fever is being started” it stays open for 2 seconds, closes and opens again.

    When I don’t stop this process manually (by clicking the X) it continous for hours without getting a result. My friends even get Spammed from the message : Tulucanz plays Train Fever, Tulucanz plays Train Fever, Tulucanz plays Train Fever and so on. Hopefully you can find help!




    I’m trying to run this since its first version without any success.

    I have a Samsung NP300 laptop with the following configuration:  Intel® CoreTM i5-2450M 2.50GHz, 6GB RAM, Hard disk 750GB, nVidia GeForce GT 520MX 1GB, Windows 8 x64. So I should comply, at least, with minimum requirements of the game.

    But once I click executable of the game, nothing happens, just a short blink of the screen.

    – I tried to run the game as administrator, it doesn’t start.

    – I tried to manually select to run with graphical processor of Nvidia video card but it doesn’t start.

    – I closed the antivirus and tried again, but still doesn’t start.

    Can you give me some  ideas about the issue I have and how can I solve it?

    I have the latest available video drivers for the video card. Here are detailed information about my video card: http://www.game-debate.com/hardware/index.php?gid=565&graphics=GeForce%20GT%20520MX  .

    This is my first game that behaves like this.


    Hi, this still sounds like the Antivirus Error. Have you tried to disable the real-time scanner and then verify the game data through steam?

    Do you get any error message when starting ?

    What is your Steam Display name? ( http://steamcommunity.com/search/ we have to find you through this search)


    Well, yes, it seems it was somehow related to my antivirus. I completed remove it for now. But then I got the following error:

    OpenGL context creation failed – Please try installing latest drivers for your graphics card (ogl_LoadFunctions failed)

    I did some research, and I applied the “fix” suggested here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/304730/discussions/1/616187203927387689/#c616187203940600281

    …and now it works 😀

    Thanks for the hint.

    My display name is Cătălin ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/spiderpc/ )… Train Fever was main reason I started to use steam account. 🙂


    Please help. I’ve bought this game as I am a huge transport tycoon fan. I have a DELL LATITUDE E5440 with 8GB RAM, i5 processor and Intel HD Integrated Graphics 4400.

    The game simply not starting after clicking on PLAY within Steam. Not even a single error message popping gup saying that my laptop would not suffice the minimum requirements. As far as I know my GPU is above the Open GL 3.3

    Please suggest.


    A desperate player

    Dylan Baker-Mineau

    Hi i have a similar issue from above my mac says that everything is updated. I’m getting a completely black screen after 100% of the loading. It then doesn’t start the game but goes straight back to my desktop.

    Here’s my Graphics/Displays

    AMD Radeon HD 6750M:

    Chipset Model:    AMD Radeon HD 6750M
    Type:    GPU
    Bus:    PCIe
    PCIe Lane Width:    x16
    VRAM (Total):    512 MB
    Vendor:    ATI (0x1002)
    Device ID:    0x6741
    Revision ID:    0x0000
    ROM Revision:    113-C2950H-175
    EFI Driver Version:    01.00.560
    Display Type:    LCD
    Resolution:    1920 x 1080
    Pixel Depth:    32-Bit Color (ARGB8888)
    Main Display:    Yes
    Mirror:    Off
    Online:    Yes
    Built-In:    Yes
    Connection Type:    DisplayPort


    I have the same Problem as Axonia

    The game doesn’t start.
    I can’t change something because the game doesnt load anything.
    I get the “loading circe” @Steam every 3 seceonds. In the Taskmanager apears the “Train Fever.exe” sometimes for a few seconds but nothing else happens. I use Kaspersky Antivirus, but i have deactivatet it for the complete install and when i have tried to start the game (it dosent fix the problem).
    Of curse i have tried to reinstall the game, until now 3 times. The problem is still the same.
    When i read right Axonia has fix the Problem with a reinstall from Steam, but i have over 80 games there… there must be another clue.

    My System:

    OS: Win 7 Ultimate @ 64bit
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 975
    GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 with 1GB RAM
    RAM: 8 GB

    I think thats the important components, all drivers are up to date, i have no problems with other games on steam or something else for now.

    Hope someone can help me. Thanks.


    Is there no one who has an idea? I still can´t startup the game.

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