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    please whatever you do keep the map size option open to add larger maps at later time .


    16×16 km is quite large but I also hope that map size is not hard coded. I know that the bigger the map the greater the specs could be but it would be nice to be able to mod bigger map size or have flexible settings available.


    I played, and i’m still playng the “unfinished” Trains and Trucks Tycoon. In that game the maps are much bigger! I hope you will make something to make big maps like in TTT.


    I would prefer larger worlds, with long distances between cities, maybe with a little less precise resolution?


    Well it seems the maps are going to be 16km x 16km like most, but at 1m res that should make it bareable for large complex track layouts.

    Sounds good to me! 😉


    I would love to see 32 x 32km maps at least. Most PCs are getting fairly powerful, so those with powerful machines should be allowed to have massive maps! Is the game 32bit or 64bit?

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    It may seems obvious but the bigger the better.

    Other games in the past had the problems of cities/industries that there too much near each other making too much difficult to lay a good rail system.

    Or they could make avaible small and big towns/cities.


    The only concern i have about train fever is the map size.

    i understand it will be a 16km x 16km square map , but my question is : how many towns could fit in such a map ?

    It seems too small for me. Well , i’m a big fan of the railroad tycoon series , and i’m afraid such a map size won’t allow me to build as much railways as i want.

    I understand the game is much more about developing cities. More a Cities in Motion than a Railroad Tycoon . Am i right ?

    I only hope we can, in the future , have bigger maps , maybe an option , only for high end PC’s.

    This really is the only question i still have about the game , every other things seems fine to me.

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    I think we will see if the maposize is small or big.
    Think about, a Train with a constant speed of 160km/h will need ~6 Minutes from one side of the map to the other one.

    In open ttd a train with a speed of 160 km/h on a 4096×4096 scaled map will need ~30 Minutes (3:48 or 227 seconds for 512 squares).


    I hoped that Train Fever would be more similar to Railroad Tycoon or Transport Tycoon. I really liked the “tycoon approach” of beating competitors. Yet the more I hear (no multiplayer, no competition, small maps etc.), the more I fear that it is similar to Cities in motion. Am I wrong ?


    All I can say is the maps “scale/resolution” makes up for the lack of physical space.


    I really don’t see why ppl think 16×16 Km is small. There is no game with such huge map, except perhaps OpenTTD that have much smaller scale and no people walking around, then of course you can have huge maps, as things in the game also look much smaller and zoom in is limited.

    RRT2 have much smaller map. Also in RRT2 an entire city is represented by a bunch of houses. In Train Fever you can see people walking around, so of course the map will be able to hold less. But RRt2 do not offer transport inside the city.

    Its a matter of understanding the limitations. And its not limitations of engine or computer specs, its logical limitations. Just like ppl complaining that in CiM 2 a bus takes 4 hours to go around the block. Well when you have vehicles running in real time speed and time running 1 minute every 8 seconds, what would you expect? Magic?


    Well far does a train in ottd going 120kmh go in 3 minutes?

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    The train goes very far, but in 3 minutes, half year will have passed.

    An in-game year will pass in 6 minutes.



    Well yeah, but how big is one tile in ottd



    120 km/hr = 33.33 meters /second = 2000 meters /minute in real life

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