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    @Mansen: that’s entirely possible 🙂 Should’ve mentioned that with “connection” I meant “modem connection”. The couple of times I played it on LAN were easier to do (although I think that was still IPX/SPX?).


    You actually believe Microsoft made money with addons? That I find stupid. Naah, mostly 3rd party addons…

    I was just trying to say that after a certain amount of games have been sold, the developers will need to look out for an alternate way of gaining money. DLCs most likely will not be the right way. So an MP mode could be a way to attract people. But that’s my opinion.

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    I think we should let the devs worry about their business model, I was just stating that MP mods are good to keep the game alive, cooperation on transport game is super fun, and it can bring together ppl that wouldn’t have bought it in the first place, so yes, it can be a income source.

    Anyway, is there any devs answering those topics ?



    No, i’m not implying that Microsoft made all the money, they couldn’t care less with that game, but loads of money was made with DLC’s (or as they where called “add-ons”) And i rather pay for a nice DLC, then for updates on the game itself…

    If they do the DLC’s the right way, then they should be able to get enough cash from it, even with a modding comunity.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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