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    My own wishes:

    -(Railway) Station improvements, like adding more tracks/platforms, a nice larger station building, and small details like shops etc.

    -More control over which platforms trains halt, and a default path in general (without having to resort to building lines without any crossings or sharing with other lines); a lot of people here seem to want a dynamic platform selection, I just want it selectable and decide myself that the next train on platform 8 heads to Aldershot. Also when we’re able to decide (default) train paths, issues like trains coming in the station from the northern moststation approach and crossing all those other lines (blocking other routes) just to reach the southernmost station platform because the game AI thought it was ‘the most efficient’ would be a thing of the past.

    -An option for automatic spacing between the different vehicles enroute. If I lay down a track or a bus route, and I build four buses for that route, I want to be able to not let them to go ahead and follow the route in a colonne but have them drive evenly spaced, so they really arrive at bus stops at a 5 minute interval or something.

    -Railroad crossings, scissors crossovers, and double slip switches.

    -Dedicated  bus- and tramways, to allow them to keep moving when all car drivers are stuck in traffic jams.

    -Larger cities and the creation of underground tram- or metro systems (not useful at present).

    -Animated signals, and traffic lights.

    -Day/Night cycle (even though time goes too fast for this), weather effects (like rain and snow).



    Hi, I’d Like to see waypoints for the routing of trains and road users, i tried to set up a mainline with a goods line adjacent then realised i couldn’t force the goods trains to take these lines instead of blocking my passenger trains



    my biggest wishes actually are:

    • better vehicle cost system – there shall be fuel price and energy price and energy/fuel consumption properties for each vehicle (it means that vehicle waiting at station cost less than running one)
    • better income system – now trucks, buses and trams at long distances are better (cheaper) than trains! Income shall definitely include distance and speed of transport, not only frequency of vehicle stops…

    Current system really gives me fever when I try to effectively develop my railways. Train fever – name resolved :]


    What i’d be looking out for mostly is having control over time elapse ourselves,i.e. much more than we have now. Even at normal time elapse mode i feel that it goes much and much too fast. Personally i’d like to stick around in a certain era as much as i like. F.i. i love steam locomotives and early electric locs. Before i know it i’ll have to replace them with much more modern stuff which i just don’t care for that much. I wouldn’t mind at all if the game got stuck in the 1950’s/60’s… 😉

    On top of that i think it’s pretty silly to end up somewhere in the far future without a good sense of science fiction… Stop at 2015 but make progress much slower would be my suggestion to the devs.

    Nontheless kudos to the devs, it’s a marvelous game !


    I agree with everyone here.

    Upon registering, I’ve realised this website is done on wordpress. Thus ending my expectations for this game to be developed much beyond what I have seen so far *sigh*, *sadface* #pleasedontletitbe.

    I registered to suggest to be allowed to convert my track to Cantery without having to completely re-lay the line. Likewise with stations, to be able to upgrade from the first “style” station to the second “style” station without having to delete it.

    By the time i get to the age of the second style station, a town is normally to developed to rebuild a station without having to devastate the town.

    Lastly, I would like to see an upgrade all too “this” option on a line. So, I have a truck route with 8-10 vehicles, when they are outdated, i sell all and then have to spend 20 minutes setting it up again with a lag distance between them. If there was an option to upgrade all vehicles on line to <_selectoption>. That would be fab devs.

    Love the game so far, I hope it carries on growing. I dont care if i have to pay for DLC (it seems the norm these days).




    you can electrify your lines with the catenary tool…


    But that does not allow me to upgrade the line to high speed.

    Thanks for trying to help though, appreciated.



    Add Mods into team Workshop.


    I too would like to see some changes to stations.  I would really like to have dynamic track selection..  if I have one track leading into a 5 platform station, it is not realistic to have the train sitting outside the station, blocking the tracks when 4 platforms are free.

    I would like to have joint stations for both goods and passengers rather than having to group 2 stations side by side, one of each.

    It also seems that the platform selected, is selected at departure from the previous station..  if you change routing at the station after the incoming train has left the previous station, it still goes the old routing, which can cause a lockout.

    I would also like to be able to plant just a station building and then build platforms seperately..  even round a curve if needed.  This would also help when extending stations in the future.

    I would also like a 2 ended depot, so that you could auto upgrade a train by running it through the depot and change consists as well that way 🙂

    I would also like to be able to upgrade a complete line with one click if required as well.

    Finally, on roads, I would like buses to be able to pass traffic, or have dedicated bus lanes, and likewise in most modern cities, trams have dedicated lines, not restricted to car jams.






    One extra starting condition: “Mountainous” – with more hills.  Even the Hilly setting is too flat.  Think Switzerland!


    Overall I’m very happy with the way the game is. I think a few things that could be improved are:

    A ticket system for reporting bugs, that people can also use to request new features and vote on them.

    Subsidies, ala TTDX.

    Purchasing exclusice transport rights.

    Click and forget upgrading of vehicles on a line.

    Setting a splay on the lines. If I start a new line I have to manually create vehicles one at a time with a 1 minute gap to get them staggered, otherwise I get 4 trucks forming a convoy and long wait time for goods to move.


    Mykel Razi

    I would like the steam tram and bus to actually produce steam and smoke…..


    Also maybe stations with road access on both sides


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    Being a veteran with train-simulations

    I wish:

    Double-slip turnouts, easy tool for building bridges and tunnels, upgrade-feature for rails and stations (“add one more rail”), waypoints, traffic lights.


    – Change the 20 minute rule for cargo. In the current state I cannot create a complex track system with big cargo trains moving around, because it will result more than 20 minute trips. At least the limit should depend on the distance.

    – Increased demand for cargo and increased factory production limit. I started transporting goods from a factory to five different cities, and now finally the demand for the factory is big enough to create a train with more than 3 wagons. Maybe there could be buildings on the map (seaports, airports) or connections across the edge of the map which would introduce additional demand over the cities goods demand.

    – Easier way to build bridges/tunnels. It would be great if I could simply click on different points on the map, and a track would be created, maybe have the green OK button only at the end, when a lot of sections are already placed.

    -Minimap. I know that you can zoom out to see something similar, but even on decent harware the game gets very slow, not not mention the fog.


    Its funny that i havent really read this anywhere. But cars/busses etc never wait for a railroadcross…

    Why is this? They just drive through trains that pass.

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