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    Hello electricmonk2k, thanks for your reponse,

    There’s currently a bug(?) where occasionally, small (and sometimes very small) segments of track are built that have a much lower speed-limit than the surrounding track…..

    I have ruled this out by running a single train on the track, it will then go full speed where possible.

     Maybe this has something to do with the bug(?) with the small segments – in this case, there could be small slow segments just in front of or behind the tracks of the station.

    It happens at every station, providing it is the second-to-last. I have tried this on multiple lines.

    . If we knew which line the disappeared vehicle was from…

    I agree, the vehicle management system could do with some more information/interaction.  I was lucky, I did know which line it was from the one time it happened to me :). But still as this line was on the outer ring of my big city, there were over 50 buses to check. That’s a lot of windows to check..

    Have a nice weekend!



    I would like to add a suggestion for more flexibility with track laying.

    rail suggestion

    not sure if the image got through. In the image i had a 4 lane track set up, the suggestion was that track 1 should be able to cross track 2 and 3 to join track 4 without having to place several crossings. That way, trains would be able to cross over 1 or 2 tracks without looking like a snake and would make mainline network management a lot easier and easier to control the way lines choose a path.


    Copy and Past

    Here is a small idea, and I am sure I am the only one thinking about this.

    It would be nice to have the ability to copy and past text in the train, bus, tram truck dialog window.

    I’m an organizer type and I give all my bus’s unique names like “City Bus A1” and “City Bus A2” city being the name of the city the bus is running around.

    So as it is I spend a lot of time typing the same text over and over just changing the number of the bus.

    I have seen a few saved games and I may be the only person that does this,  but it does look cool 🙂


    I have seen a few saved games and I may be the only person that does this

    Nooohooo you aren’t! 😉

    All my trains have special names like “North/South Express <NUMBER>”, “<CITY> S-Bahn <NUMBER>”, “<CITY> <RESOURCE> <NUMBER>”, etc.

    But at vehicles I stop with this, just because it is too much work… 😀


    This is my first post on the forum and with it I have decided to chime in with some ideas which I think could be good if implemented. I’ve been a player of games within the same simulation genre such as the Railroad Tycoon series of games which I consider to be the gold standard and if Train Fever is to better it, in my mind it needs to adopt some of the better aspects of that game and build on the strengths it already has (graphics, one-to-one simulation).

    – Time needs to scale properly and also we need some way of knowing how long a journey is going to take, the frequency doesn’t tell us much in this regard and there is no clear way of knowing whether a journey fits within the 20 minute rule. Perhaps a circle surround around a ghost purchased vehicle when we select vehicles to buy indicating the range they can travel in within the 20 minutes would be useful as it would allow us to plan things better

    – Multi-entranced stations and additional models for stations (In the UK a lot of have bridges which passengers use to go from one platform to another)

    – Gates and lights for street vehicles at level crossings

    – Scenarios and a scenario editor would be great and give the game much needed longevity

    – An adjustable mini map

    – The ability to set prices for our passenger transport, currently it all seems a bit random and is not at all how real life works which the game seeks to model. It’s clear that the further away you can travel the more money you can earn but there is no indication in the game of how this works (it’s not easily quantifiable so it’s difficult to plan…again this is something you can learn from RRT3 which had prices people would pay to go to X, Y or Z when you selected a station). IRL transport companies know how much money they are going to earn before the vehicle departs as the payment occurs before the customer departs (it’s not like getting a haircut!!). As a compromise, perhaps if the journey takes too long (either because of frequency or the destination refreshes) the money has to be refunded. It would also be nice if the industry was expanded (more chains and resources) and you had a list of cargo prices when you look at each city or industry so that you could plan there also.

    – Sand and water towers, train depots used to keep trains running well. I think the RRT series had this aspect much more accurately simulated. The main costs involved in a train are ensuring that it has enough of what it needs to retain its peak performance. The cost of maintaining the fundamentals of a train should remain constant (the cost of the water, sand, coal, diesel or electricity it consumes should remain relatively constant). The aspect which could fluctuate somewhat would be the reliability and replacement of parts when needed. It would be nice to be able to eliminate some of the cost of running the trains by purchasing industries supplying what the trains need to run (for example, buying power plants which generate electricity for your lines)

    – More industry and the ability to participate in the industrial side of the game (a lot of rail barons did). As it’s a one to one simulation perhaps the industrial/commercial and leisure buildings could have names and unique goods which they need to function and expand. If they don’t get it the building becomes vacant. For example I could envisage something like this:

    There is a port which you can buy and decide what you would like to import. Say I decide to import cotton for a fixed price. I then decide how much I need to import to satisfy the demand and I allow it to collect at my goods train station. I then transport it to a textile mill (which if I own I will pay the running costs of but if not then will have a price attached to the cotton it wants paid on receiving the cotton). The textile mill then produces clothes which I then transport to a building in the city for a price (which can be made to scale with whether there is a demand, high demand -> best price, no demand -> can’t sell goods).

    – Mail carriages and dining cars and division of trains into 1st and 2nd class carriages

    – Ability to reverse the orientation of trains so that trains can be made which consist of opposite facing engines, it will look more realistic when trains turn around at stations which don’t have turning loops.

    – AI competition…I know this is going to be very difficult to implement but I feel it would take the game to a whole new level.

    – Fixed, locked positions for popups. After a while the UI can become rather infuriating constantly having to drag things like train buying in the depot notification back into the screen. The menus are also way too spreadsheet like, there is not enough pictures and it can feel a little cluttered at times

    – Planning mode would be great, also some animation of people actually building the railroad / road would be good with lines not being built instantaneously but taking some time (if we are seeking a realistic simulation)

    – The ability to switch on notifications for things like (Train A has been stationary for some time there may be a problem or the production of the sawmill has decreased)…basically just things which could indicate a problem being highlighted to the player rather than having to constantly trawl through every aspect of the business to spot problems

    – Ability of simulated people to park cars at train stations

    – Economies of scale, the more of a vehicle you purchase the cheaper the unit price should be. Also rather than constantly having to press ‘buy’ all the time it would be a lot easier if there was a quantity tick box (to cut down on the excessive clicking)

    – An indication of grade performance would be nice (max speed of vehicle when going up different grades rather than just a max speed) perhaps with a better contour map (having it colour coded would make it better)

    – Ability to build road over track and to build underpasses / bridges when you want (maybe having fixed designs would be helpful)

    – Roundabouts?

    – Bigger road cargo stations

    I’ve got plenty more but that will do for now…


    THIS. These suggestions would be great for this game. Your first game, UB, is great, but now it’s time to see what you really want out of a game. Is it a simulation? Or is it more of a tycoon? Train Fever didn’t really have a category besides sandbox and open world. There were MANY features that I feel were left out in the current game. I hope this gets cleared up in your next game. Can’t wait to see the trailer!



    So what I’d like to see is a priority system for the trains at signals:
    For example, an express train is priority 1, so where two tracks lead to one it has the right of way over the slower freight train which is priority 2.

    So you could have different prioritys for different trains, express train is 1, normal passenger train is 2, freight 3 etc ..


    The game needs modularity. I hope this will be implemented in transport fever.

    A station should start from entrance, and then you should be able to add passanger terminal. cargo terminal, new platforms, platform extentions, bus/tram stop at the entrance, a pass through line, overhead bridge or similar.

    Same goes with bridges. Aside from flexible bridges there should be modules with a straight bridge truss, both vertically and horisontally, or a shift button or something to keep that bridge straight! Then an option to let the game arch the bridge, thus bridges would look natural.

    With all the mess player leaves on the terrain with unsuccessful experiments with quirky lane placement design, I say a ‘blueprint’ mode is a must. Adds realism too. An animation of a railroad being built following your blueprint would surely add to the game feeling.

    Thank you.


    Town Goods Demand: This is way too low! 
    I have 1 Steel Mill supplying Goods to 5 towns for the past say 30 years, steady town population increase, and it still only less than 60 Goods units demand per town and Steel Mills says “Try to deliver more goods”.

    You’re forced to use trucks to make any money with industry – but this game is “TRAIN fever”, not “TRUCK fever”

    And to say that is just industry supply: 1 x Coal Mine, 1 x Iron Ore Mine and 1 Steel Mill compared to the vast amount of other industries around the map I’d like to link up but I know there won’t be any demand for the goods, therefore no demand further down the supply chain (coal mine etc).

    I get bored after a while connecting just passenger services, I prefer freight trains. I loved Chris Sawyers Locomotion and for example I had lots of Forests supplying 1 Sawmill who would then deliver lots of Goods to 1 or 2 big towns. Not possible with the incredibly low and unprofitable Goods demand from towns in Train Fever. That’s the only thing holding it back from creating a really nice busy freight rail service around the map.



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    The ability to build road bridges over rails the same as you do for stations. Over rail single track, over rail double track or over rail 6 track etc. Use the M and N key to rotate the same as stations. Extend the pillars to cover uneven ground. Also snap over rails just like stations.

    This could also be reversed for rail over road.



    I agree with AndyKay 100%. ….. “You’re forced to use trucks to make any money with industry – but this game is “TRAIN fever”, not “TRUCK fever””



    Another idea is to have a number of off map towns and cities, with access to these towns and cities generated by randomly placed rail and road entrances on the perimeter of the track. clicking on these entrances could show the name distance and other details of the towns.

    This would eliminate the “ring road” effect, particularly on smaller maps.



    When using the “use all cargos” mod, you still need to select “use all cargos” when purchasing a vehicle, can the “use all cargos” be made as the default rather than having coal as the default.


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    Try making it like Railroad tycoon 3 wherein its not expensive t replace a vehicle cause its too dang expensive here and railroad tycoon 3 and this game transport fever are almost identical

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